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your in a position to do eighter , with more plants you wouldn'tt ake as logn to fill to cuboard out though , so two would be better imo if you wanna take less time



only scrog if your growing from clone though , takign males away from a screen is messy

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Hey AhtB ,

Yes , U could easily do either ... I'd SCROG it man ... SCROG it real good , yeaaah! :peace:


Nah , but seriously , You theoretically should get a better yield , as there is better light coverage to all of the heads in flowering time ... If Its one big plant , generally the bottom half suffers from lack of light ... Unless You've got bottom or side lights ofc. :)


Just my 2cents , Good Luck either way mate.

Seeya Later ...


Budman :toke:

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I once got some seeds and then ate them. After a day or two they came through my shit and I dug em out and planted em. Well if that wasn't the strongest shit I ever smoked I don't know what is. I figure the THC from my body might have got passed into the seeds making them more potent.


Give it a try if you don't mind fossicking through your turds, but then again I am a Kiwi!

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