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The quantum board turns off, when I turn up the power. Is that normal?

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Hi guys,


I bought a qutum board led in aliexpress, 240w of 3500k with red leds. https://cutt.ly/jr5zJ9Q

When the driver is at medium power, the quantum board led shines very brightly (the heat sink temperature is also very high).


When I increase the power of the driver, the quantum board shuts down. I need to turn the power down, so it can come back on.


Is this normal? Everyone you use quantum board, do you have this problem?


I need to know if this is normal, or if it is a quantum board defect, or a driver defect. It's a bit urgent, because I'm in contact with the seller to find out what are my options.

I bought this Quantum Board following the indications of a cultivation blog (in Spanish), because it is the cheapest way (https://mimarihuana.es/quantum-board-led-para-cultivar/) but now I don't know if it was a good idea.




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I saw sedge, zooming in shows 2 different drivers, and you never know, maybe he was delivered something completely different..


Just trying to find out the hardware he's using.


OP needs to add some detail



Hey, thanks for the answers, everybody.
The driver is 240w, the LED boards are 240w. So, I don't understand why they turn off when the driver's at half power.
I bought a plug that measures the power consumption, but it will take a few days to arrive, so I can make checks.
The driver is this one:
MeanWell XLG-240-HA
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