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Beginner pH Issues. Help!

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Okay pH was fine (6-7) Then one day after a feed it dropped to 5. I tried to flush with pH Neutral water to no avail this actually lowered my reading AGAIN after i have been told to flush to reset pH etc. Went out and bought manutec pH raise, applied a small amount to around 9L of water and now my pH is sitting at a consistent 3 and im half way through flowering and fucking worried. Im very broke and looking for some constructive answers/opinions.


My grow was started late september its in its second and final pot (been told to transplant but im not doing it im way too inexperienced don't want to kill plant so late) old fan leaves are turning yellow quickly with rust spots as are new growth underneath that dont see much light. Colas/buds and rest of plant looks super healthy i am just waiting for those to be the last to go if i cant fix this issue :(.


HOW OFTEN DO YOU GUYS WATER AND FEED YOUR PLANTS?? This is such a seemingly simple question i can never find a answer for. The pot this plant is in is 12 inches tall 30 cm wide, random bunnings potting mix. Im feeding it a half cap mix of garden basics liquid fert with half cap liquid potash plus and a small handful of hard phosphorus per 9l watering can ALL from bunnings. I estimate this to be a rough 5/8/12 NPK but im such a fucking novice at this im unsure. Anyway I have been feeding at that rate around twice a week with two water feeds and a dry day inbetween each feed. (This mix has only started since flowering also i was just using the garden basics for veg phase) Let me know if this is too much or not enough. Im essentially letting my pot fill up, drain, then fill up again and the 9l is roughly done but i need to know if this would be more effective with a smaller amount of water because it seems like im using alot.


Also just a quick not at the end my ph meter reads lower the deeper it is pushed into the pot. I am currently measuring with wet soil im unsure if this gives me a more accurate reading or a more innacurate one. Ill be sure to repost when its had time to settle tomorrow but i just cant think of anything that could lower the ph so fucking drastically after one water.

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Fucknhell,,you'll give it a handful of phosphorus ever feed but won't pot up..


Thought it was all explained to you already,,


You gotta get a ph kit .


Where's this plant !,got a pic ?

Yeah in my last post I was told my bat guano was ''Fucking shit for P'' Who is more reputable the guy who said that or you? Okay, Ph testing kit, Ph correction kit, or a kit that contains both? I currently have stuff to test the pH levels and raise the ph so what are the advantages the ''KIT'' would give to me and if you can give me a specific link that would be great. Yeah pics in my other post but i can post some more if you need


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