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Any ideas?

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don't mix them , separate them , neem today bug boss the next spray


note to self , porky has mortein ladened buds lol


i know it says that kloud but i would still avoid spraying anything on flowering canna plants mate


& if ya getting bugs in flower there "might" be more to investigate than just reaching for a band aid

whether it works great on not


i reckon that be a mistake porky , limiting yourself to one single coarse of action " could " go south

on him at some point


what was he using for ipm B4 bug boss ? , i ask cause someone else said the same thing to me

bug boss was the best , when i asked what he was comparing too , turns out nothing , he didn't

use anything apart from random bunnings band aids , so it would def be the best when your comparing

to bugga all , not saying that's ya mate though pork


just for the record , i have bug boss here & have used it & will use it again , not used yet this season but

it'll get a run B4 flower starts soon , variety is the spice of life :)

Ok cheers itchy, I'll keep that in mind as haven't had any bugs so far only in week 2 of flower tho in DNG 50L pot..

My mate swears by that stuff. He won’t use anything else. It does look like a good product.



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After using pyrithum and neem oil, eco oil.

The bud boss by Dr greenrhumbs blows and kills everything. Spider mites two applications 2 days apart and there taken care of. I found this product after poor tunks got that spider mite infest, And again, no I don't work for Dr greenrhumbs. And if you like minties, the tent and the whole house can smell that. Mmm


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Yeh there is a lot of moving the goal posts in regards to organic solutions.


Have to agree with itchy, you guys should be alternating sprays, but remember everyone a good and proper IPM strategy is very little spraying and minimizing the total need and is a forming of a bunch of different practices to prevent the buildup of pests from ever occuring, IPM isn't jsut preventative spraying.


from what I read cannabis is not an accumulator, but that may of been just in regards to extra nutrients specifically. I also thought Glyphosate had a pretty short half life.

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I used Dead Red last time I had mites and it worked great. Much better than anything else I tried even after spending hundreds on various Neem products & good bugs like californicas and those other red ones staring with P, can't remember.


What are your thoughts on Dead Red Itchy?

I think it's an Australian formula. Hopefully it's safe. Saved my buds though and haven't had mites since.




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absolutely frank couldn't of said it any better , it's the reason i use aloe or potassium silicate as emulsifiers 

so while adding a negative substance on the plant i'm emulsifying it with 2 positive additions as a counter weight so to speak 


my mistake frank i should have said bio accumulator not dynamic accumulator , they grow hemp at chernobyl  for this purpose 


Glyphosate " can be up to " 190 days i think ive read i could be wrong , might have fucked that up too :)



don't know the stuff mate , can you find out who makes it 

& is there a msds that lists ingredients or can you find out what's in it 


gotta set yourself up a system in the garden that lets you be pre emptive 

& not more reactive , kick there arse b4 there ares needs a kicking :)

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