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Any ideas?

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Good morning Micmac.


Seems to be the only plant showing these symptoms atm.

All fed the same type of salts. Ec 1.1 or there abouts. Ph in @ 5.6-6.2.


Gave them all an Azamax root drench last week @ 3ml/ltr. They seemed to lap it though.

I’m thinking something more sinister. Can’t seem to loupe anything yet.



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Cut its head off for a closer look. Tools out. See what I can find. There’s your pillar Pedro. Parachuted outta there when I gave him a prod. Tiny. 1mm....2mm tops.


Hi kloud. Looked through the leaves, up the stem and had a dig into the growing tips. Didn’t really see much. Shook it over paper and the red mite thing fell out. 6 legs, more like a cockroach looking thing but mite size. I’ll research a bit me thinks. I need a better loupe camera device.


I’ll look over the roots too Micmac. Guessing this one will be pretty indicative of the rest of them.




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