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Any ideas?

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It is what it is here Micmac. Thanks for the offer though.

Hopefully the Aza drenches will sort it out over the next month or so..........touch wood.


How long into flower do you use the pyrethrum?


Read about some guy using high ph silica sprays on his buds to wash off pillar shit after rain to deter mould. All the way to harvest. Swears by it he reckons.........


Half way through flower I start to worry about foliar sprays. Maybe I should lighten up a bit.

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so have you actually found something in the soil & identified what the bug is you are treating ?


the white web stuff in a soil pot you described sounds more like mycelium 

look up some pics & see if it looks the same as what you saw 


mycelium in most cases is beneficial


Hi itchybro,

I have not really been treating for anything specific, more so as a preventative. Although this seems to be changing over the course of the morning.....sigh. lol.



The webbing type stuff was not white. Infact you couldn’t tell a discernible difference in colour with the surrounding media itchy. Maybe a touch darker. There was a strange lightness / airiness and the texture was a little amiss. I had disturbed whatever it was and was looking at the aftermath. Or at least that was the feeling. I discarded the suss stuff and reused the rest.


Oops I’m thinking. Finding Pedro’s pillar, then researching that Florida edu borer site has me thinking the webbing stuff is its tunnels.

Too much sativa......turning paranoid ya reckon?


In the attached pick it looks as if mycelium has connected its network to the pot,( you have to look closely) or are those mushrooms spreading the love.

Admittedly I usually see it in the dirt. Is this the same stuff?


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i ask because many pesticides are broad spectrum , take no prisoners approach 

that means sometimes they'll take out soil dwellers you want in your soil, of cause 

sometimes you might need a broad spectrum approach 


if you don't have an issue maybe focusing on plant & soil health as an approach 

to attempt to out compete the bad bugs that might turn up on the scene 


that pic is def mycelium , the vegetative part on leaf mold & the fruiting body , you want that in ya pots

cos takes time to get that in fresh soil mixes 


can see mycelium in many places , this on trees at a tram stop in essendon , inner melb busy road  




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if you don't have an issue maybe focusing on plant & soil health as an approach 

to attempt to out compete the bad bugs that might turn up on the scene 



This is what I strive for each year for sure. Never really pans out though. I always seem to be racing for some type of solution.

I agree there are probably better avenues than a broad spectrum insecticide. A targeted approach seems a lot more sensible.


So if there were to be corn borers in my media, possibly from last season, what course of action would you recommend?

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