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Bunnings / Nursery Soil Analysis

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Hey fellow growers, I came across this last night and thought I could help people out by showing you this analysis of potting mixes

from Bunnings & Nurserys. They are detailed charts that show how tomatoes grow in their soils, PH values, wettability etc.


I know it is from 2012 but hey it can only help if you are questioning buying potting mix, some are very good & some are shit so take a look.


Regardz joodzr, peaceee.


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Imo, any potting mix from Bunnings is crap.,,,. My neighbour recently bought a bag of their specialised tomato potting mix,, what garbage,, all it wanted to do was grow tiny little toadstools,, potting mixes are supposed to be heat treated to kill any nasties,.. all their potting mixes are fine pine bark chip and a little bit of compost enclosed in fancy bags. See if you can get any worms to live in it. Cacti wont even grow in the crap
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don't disagree that bagged potting mixes sold at bunnings & most nurseries  are average at best 

& considering what is used to make these potting mixes , heat treating is prob a good idea for your own protection


but as far as heat treating & the growing of toadstools go's , 2 points i'd make 


heat treated , in general , this is the last thing you want to have happen to a soil that needs to be alive to grow healthy plants 

heat treating is like broad spectrum antibiotics kills everything but not all bacteria or fungi are bad , many are beneficial 


in fact it's those beneficial ones that protect plants , soil & humans from the the bad guys , if you kill everything bad pest or pathogens

have no resistant's to entering a plant , soil or human , as a rule of thumb 5% of soil/plant/human microorganisms are beneficial 

5% are pathogenic & 90% are opportunistic , meaning they will do the will of whomever is in charge , beneficial or pathogenic 


what we also know , given normal conditions beneficial organisms will out compete pathogenic organisms 100% of the time 

once conditions change to not normal like a flood or something ( over watering ) , this is when the pathogens start to prosper

interestingly the moment conditions start to get back to normal , the pathogens start to struggle while beneficial's bring the

environment back to stasis or equilibrium.


as for toadstools or mushrooms growing in your media , this is a good thing as long as you or anything else don't try eating them 

mushrooms / toadstools are the fruiting body of mycellium , not all mycellium has a fruiting body , rhizophagus irregularis has a good

association with cannabis but has no fruiting body , it will colonize our fav plant & help feed & protect it while feeding on exudates excreted

by the plant in the form of simple sugars to encourage that association 


beneficial fungi take the longest to establish in soil so to see mushrooms growing is not a bad thing , i still wouldn't buy a bagged soil from 

bunnings even if it did have mushrooms growing out of it but seeing toadstools growing is generally not a negative thing 

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