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help identifying the problem...nute or light burn?

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It's nutrient burn , it's got nothing to do with the lights

Lower EC levels

U will find that the plant is using the water, whether it be evaporating or transpired,at a quicker rate than it can use the nutrients

Lower your Feeding EC levels until equilibrium is reached n what u put in is what u get out

Might be a good idea to run PH water through till u get it lower

Also u r going to have to increase the amount of water at feeding times

Don't just pour it all in at once , this is useless n create more problems

Do it slowly so the pot us evenly satrurated


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Yeah i rekon you would struggle to get light burn with the vipar. Put ya hand above the canopy, can you feel the heat?

And I still have a vipar in my clone tent lol so no hate.

I am very confident that's its light burn. There's clear instructions in the manual on distance on the 300s, no closer than 18 inches, that's 40cm. They are currently at 9 inches, 20 cm.

As for the runoff, yeah, a bit high but nothing to get too worried about but a flush or just lowering ppm of nutes for a few watering would clear it. Good luck.



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Light bleach with led no light bleach there I'm sorry


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Happy to be wrong and corrected. So because the tips are like that, it's nute burn? Correct? That would be either because of high ppms when watering or salts building up as there's not enough runoff or both. 650ppm in doesn't sound high so it's likely to be build up because of the runoff being at 800 or so?

With the lights, can't see bleach but to me 8 inches is still way too close for those LEDs I think.



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