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Sorry for the dumb question, but what is "Roots soil or equivalent high quality supped up grow soil"?

I'm guessing that's just a brand name of soil available wherever Subcool lives. Most of the stuff (brands) he uses isn't available here (or not where I live).


Glad you bumped this along though. I'd forgotten this thread existed.

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have a qestion for ya mate. when changing to bud after dark, does going into 12 12 with the metal halide or whatever u use to veg, make your plants any different from doing it under the hps . have found that everyone does the change under the hps so i have no experience with that . like can you go 12 12 with your veg lamp and then into bud after the two weeks or do you have to go straight to hps for good yeild. i would like to know as i have no access to clones, am starting from seed and dont like the idea of having a mother plant always sitting around and want to only put females in my setup . Have trouble with genetics so have to sort peoples fucking shitty crosses out my big mix of seed
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8 Bags Roots soil or equivalent high quality supped up grow soil

25 pounds Pure Worm Castings

½ cup Azomite trace minerals

2/3 Cup Sweet Lime IE Dolomite

1 Kilo Bone meal / IE 5 Pounds

1 Kilo Blood meal ( I use a bit more bone than Blood in this recipe)

1 Kilo Bat Guano bloom formula preferably Fruit bats

3/4 cup Epson Salts

The Perlite and Coco I happen to have and it will make a better mix but it is not necessary.



Ok gentlemen, I may have worked out a way to make this great mix in aus.. i do apologise if someone had already stated this..


Bone Meal - phosphorus source

Blood Meal - nitrogen source

Epsom salts - magnesium source

lime -calcium source & pH buffering

Bat Guano bloom formula - nitrogen & trace elements


I havent worked out what worm castings do and at the moment can't find a replacement for the base..


any help or sugestions would be great...


Subcool - thank you for sharing your recipe.

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I have recently mixed up a batch of this soil using the best replacements I could find. As a disclaimer I haven't used any of it yet so I hope its not too hot but I'll know in a couple weeks



I used Niks Mix as a base. Has the same Coco base as roots with similar additives. Buy it or find closest distributor from Niks Mix


Worm Castings: Cheapest source I could find Scrap Ltd.

Apparently highest quality fairly expensive though Wormtec


Blood and Bone meal is available from Bunnings and most gardening centres. Try get a pure blood and bone meal not one with added potash etc


Dolomite Lime is the same as above


Fulvic and Humic acid powder at NTS


The only source I could find for powdered Guano is also NTS


I added Kelp Meal, as its in Roots but not Niks mix. It's available from a couple sources, but varies in price greatly Wormtec is expensive but sells smaller amounts

NTS about $70 for 25kg

Urban Gardener Shop is more expensive, but has a range of other products, like worm castings diatomaceous earth hydro equipment etc


Azomite can be found at Living Apartment but from what I gather you can use a volcanic rock dust product such as at Urban gardener shop volcanic rock dust


Any questions just ask

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australia based.

i bought some soil admendments from these guys. really good customer service and they got stuff ive never been able to find like oyster shell flour. based in qld but they post as well.



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