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help identifying the problem...nute or light burn?

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Just don’t flush the pot with 650ppm too much. That’s not a bad reading. Pretty much where you want it. The 850ppm is slightly high. Try and get it down to match the other at 650ppm.

Yep that's fine to make that claim

Now explain to the op why u think this n what has happened to give the plants this appearance

Why is the difference so slight yet the damage so severe?

It's fine to make assessments based on a couple of pics

An explanation is also required n how to prevent this in the future

Unless u actually understand what's going on Google can't help


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Wow this blew up. Thanks for all the responses everyone!


So from reading the comments, would there be a consensus that its nute burn? 


I was worried that the main cola is too close to the lights (only 20cm), but then even the lower leaves were getting burnt too - and they would be about 40-60cm away. 


Are you using a PK booster. I'd say ur P deficient.


Nah, I'm not using a PK booster. Do you recommend any? I'm just using the flora trio nutes at 1/2 strength, as well as calmag (1ml per litre)


Yeah, after reading all comments, I'm with you. Both.

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I was worried it might be a case of light burn and nute burn too. I fed them last night with 280 PPM in nutes, the run off came out of both of them at around 800. Does this mean there is a build up in the soil? 


I'm thinking i'll give them both a flush and back off the nutes even more....sound OK?


I've took a few closer/clearer photos last night to show the issue a bit clearer and have attached them to this post. 


Thanks again everyone, really appreciate the discussion and the advice. legends!


PS - sorry about attaching the same image twice and the fact they are rotated sideways....it wont let me edit them :-(






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