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Hi All,


I need some of your help. I purchased some seeds online and have one sprouted and just transplanted it into a bigger pot and placed it in its new home 4 days ago. Since doing so the top leaves have started to droop and the stem is purple, but this may just be the strain- Blueberry Kush. Can you guys shed a little light on what the problem might be?


The pot is damp and I dont think it too wet. Its in a coco pearlite mix under a 400w HPS light, which is hoisted right up the top running 18hrs on 6hrs off. When off I have a heat bar keeping the temps up. I have and exhaust fan and a small clip on fan. I water about every 2 days with 1/4 strength Rock Fusion nutrients.


Thanks in advance. This is my first indoor grow.

(image attached)


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I agree.  A plant of that size in a pot of that size will not be drying out in anything close to 2 days, don't water until the coco mostly dries out, test the weight of the pot as a guide.  In another week or 2 the plant will get roots and solar panels established and will start working it's way through the water and food every 2-3 days, but not yet.


If you just stop trying to give her too much love for a while she'll sort herself out soon enough.

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