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The best 5 overseas strains you have grown.

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Given the rapidly expanding number of strains, 7000 odd now?!....and the plethora of seed companies some of which do not even deal with breeders, but are delay onsellers...and the fact that, even from the same breeder or seed companies, you can get an absolute dud costing $20 at the same time as an absolute beauty!....how about we give up our favorite 5 strains, to help each other make sense of this minefield whilst still exploring new tastes.

Maybe explain simply why you love the strain, and maybe note if you have grown several times and the seeds have at least reasonable phenotypic consistency...

To help us all understand the scope of your explorations, if you wish, note how many strains you have checked out, with friends or your own, to come up with your top 5.


My Top 5

Liberty Haze, by Barneys Farm..taste like splice icypoles, lime , crystal galore

Exodus Cheese by GHSeed Co....unbelievably funky musky cheesy warm stone

Deadhead OG by Cali Connect.....Fruity melon funky earthy enticing smell taste

Triple Cheese by Barneys Farm....low yield spindly buggers but my god..the taste and smell...cheese musk with real notes of Christmas cake or port wine etc...

White Strawberry Skunk by GHSeed Co....very sweet strawberry raspberry tasting sativa dominant.



Top 5 determined out of my experience, being approx 50 strains.

What are your top 5?

Please note exact breeder...as there is no point being generic..cheers!

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SHIT,.....Mr Nice Seeds ----- damn good shit .


SHIT ON A STICK.......TCVG shit seeds- ----Mmmm Munchies.


SHIT HAPPENS.....TCVG shit seeds----- Good smoke for events.


SHIT OUTTA LUCK......TCVG shit seeds -----Thats bad shit man


CAT PISS x STAR DAWG......Green point seeds-----Basically a watered down version of dog shit .

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Sensi Skunk. Great for social occasions for me .

Northern lights 5 x haze Blazed for rec use only .

4 way.. Found it good to breed with, strong solid plant skunky 

Northern Lights .. Pure 90's if you havent tried it ...Then do so its was the master IMO. 

Jack Herer... Great giggles , watch your favourite comedian and lose your shit .. I have made a spectacle of myself many times on this stuff , great for parties when a drunk mate yells watch this.. 


My own are a mix of some of the above . 



Im a big fan of Ben's work .

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