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2015 indoor strain choice?!

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Afternoon all.


Choices Choices Choices........ :unknw:

So I'm just having a look through my cannabeans to choose what to germ for this years indoor grows and struggling with me choice.

For the first indoor grow of 5plants I have already chosen the following...


God bud. (gift)

Bubblegum fem Auto... 

L/BBxHK..(from clone from last years grow via DocWho)


other contenders are.......


Pineapple chunk... (barneys farm)

Early skunk F2...     (gift)

bubba kush x jack herer.....(DW)

Reclining Buddha... (soma)

Snow Devil F4 auto (gift)

NYPD (new york purple diesel i think lol)...(gift)

Purple Afghani...(?)

La Nina. (mr nice)


Any help deciding and any tips or pointers on these strains would be fantastic!


Cheers all, enjoy :)




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Kid in a candy store. The chunk is currently the number 1 seller on bonza. Not sure if that means it's a great plant or Barneys marketing department is doing it job... I've got one going outdoors as we speak. No flowers yet so no comment on anything outside that she's been easy grow and looks pretty so far. The bubba herer sounds lovely too.


Stuff it. Get a bigger tent and grow em all. lol.

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Yaarrghhh, Thank all for your comments/choices :)


Ok, the first batch for this years indoor grow will be

God Bud, La Niña, jack HererXbubba kush and bubblegum fem auto. :)

Popped 2 of each bean in coco filled jiffy pots today. I'll start a diary for them soon and give more info.

Oh and the L/bb x HK clone will be potted up soon and join the bean babies once they're up.


Reclining Buddha, newyork 'power' diesel, purple Affie and the pineapple chuck will go in next. Proberly :D


Cheers all :)

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