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strains that tolerate heat and humidity of Aussie summers

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what are some good strains/types for hot and humid Aussie summers?


ive read a lot of conflicting info on various sites, eg some say Thai's handle them well but then i look for Thai strains and some even say "very susceptible to mould". Likewise I thought Afghan indicas would be a bad choice, but some seem to have very good mould resistance. But, maybe not so good with the heat. And many of those reports aren't from Australian growers either


anyway a lot of you have obviously battled growing in the heat and humidity of Aussie summers for decades, so I'm hoping you can share some past experience about strains or types of strains that you've seen or know show good resilience to both heat + humidity?



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I think any sativa that has fluffy buds that allows for air to flow around the calyxes makes for good mold resistance.


As for toleration of Aussie summers, I wouldn't have a clue. I'm sure there is a thread I could dig up here or elsewhere that might have elaborated on the topic as you were saying anyone likes to promote any particular strain as being the bomb diggity


It's a long time since I done the research but i'd say any of the landrace African Sativas would be good for Aussie Summers.


I reckon Mongyman and Wallyduck might have a bit of experience


Mullum and Nimbin Sativas that have been grown in Australia for a long time would also be pretty hardy in my Opinion.

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If I were to stick something in the ground this season, it would be a Neville's Haze, Purple Sativa (The best I could get my mits on) and Mango Haze.


I am a big fan of Mr Nice Genetics I can c Seedsman are still stocking the Mango Haze, keep that one pumping guys, it's a popular one in Australia.




"We use landrace (heirloom) cannabis genetics from several regions that are located in southern latitudes despite lying „north" of the continent itself. In countries like India and Nepal high temperatures, arid conditions, and intense UV light are prevalent in high-altitude mountainous regions. In several South East Asian, African and S. American countries the warm-humid months alternate with the annual blistering hot-dry season. Cannabis growing in these places naturally acclimatizes to these conditions in order to survive and produce enough seeds for successive generations. "


Mandala Seeds claim to stock some strains that they have been developing that are good for the "Heat"






https://www.mandalaseeds.com/Catalogue/Purple-Paro-Valley (Note image)




MANGO HAZE: https://www.seedsman.com/en/mango-haze-seeds


Note Image




Outdoors Mango Haze is only really suitable for Mediterranean climates, or warmer, as it won't be finished until late October into November but yields can be exceptional. In a greenhouse this limit increases but this is still not a strain to be growing in northern European summers. Resistance to mould is outstanding in all environments. This strain has phenomenal resin production.





Neviles Haze : Note Image




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