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Advise ? 250mm black grow pot 15 days into flower should I pot up? Roo

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Hey guys , after a little advise if possible. Few facts first, My first proper grow, inside under lights in soil.

I started the bag seed in little seedling containers waited until I saw roots coming out the bottom then I transplanted into a 250mm black grow pot (standard black pot you get from anywhere). Now as its my first proper grow I've been learning from my mistakes as we all did, I'm now 15 days into flower and one of my ladies started clawing and upside down canoeing .... I thought a nutrient issue as a few of the lower original fan leaves yellowed and died (2-3 of them) but I'm thinking as I've only transplanted once from seedling and I'm now only in a fairly small pot (I think it equates to 1.3 gallons) that as I'm in the stretch period of flower growth she has run out of room. It is the larger of the 3 but it is bag seed that was tormented for many months in extreme heat before being planted.

Do you guys think I can just leave the plants in the current 250mm pots and if so is there any special way to water or nurture plans that are in smaller containers so they don't suffer effects of being rootbound, I've seen plants that people pulled a zip off grown in solo cups on the net so I'm wondering how they did that without suffering from issues arising from being rootbound.

Now I will state that I have investigated the nutrient side of things and I may also have an issue in that area as I believe I was watering quite acidic water so I have a ph test kit now and have raised the water to 6.5 . I did measure the run off from all three plants and it was down at around 5.5 but I'm lead to believe that a poor way to measure if your soil is ok and to just adjust the fluids going in so that's what I'm now doing.

Last one , how do they look? This pic was taken at day 14 since flip to 12-12. You can see the clawing to the plant closest

Bag seed 3 females

600 HPS

Grow tent


Topped once and mild LST



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