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ready for harvest? plant with split trunk

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Hi Everyone,


This is Serious Seeds' Bubblegum grown from regular seed in the ground.


Mid-January I split the main trunk in 1/2 trying to LST her way too late.  I pulled the 4 main limbs together as best I could and duct taped it up.  I applied Seasol and the plant continued to grow like a monster.


This is how the repair job looks now. post-51352-0-49920100-1426478792_thumb.jpg     post-51352-0-53548600-1426478783_thumb.jpg


Around the end of January she started yellowing significantly but every time I tried to feed her she curled her leaves together and didn't seem to like it.  I did also do some Googling and determined that this is a very nutrient sensitive strain.  So I have made no further attempts to fertilise although have given Seasol and BSM.


Now she is looking to be nearly finished!  However this is a strain that's supposed to go to mid - end October [mid-end April here?].  post-51352-0-73453600-1426478826_thumb.jpg      post-51352-0-68536400-1426478843_thumb.jpg


So my question is, is this actually ready now or soon, or should I be trying to string this one out to the end of April??  Any advice would be very welcome.



post-51352-0-93950200-1426478795_thumb.jpg  post-51352-0-94197800-1426478801_thumb.jpg  post-51352-0-04271800-1426478806_thumb.jpg  post-51352-0-17690100-1426478811_thumb.jpg 




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Hey Crow,

That's some nice looking outdoories there. Those triches are looking very lovely and cloudy. If you leave it those triches will go brown. As for your harvest, it really depends on the type of smoke you want. I've found that with the triches clear I get more a heady stone (cerebral), where as with brown triches I obtain a more heavy comatose stone (Body stone). I need a body stone and for this reason I leave mine till the triches are burnt toffee brown. BUT in saying this I'm indoors and because of this I have a bit more control over some environmental things, where you being outside, don't have that control.

As you say the yellowing started back in January, but they still have room for more yellowing yet, so I reckon you could wait if you wanted, but she certainly ain't far from done.

I'd be recommending a week before you harvest you start giving her a bloody good flush with straight pH adjusted water, just to remove as much salt from her as possible


Give us a smoke report when you're done please. Looks real nice from ere lol



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As Merl1n said its now up to you...it can be harvested now...it really is now about how much more weight she will put on and how much couchlock you like, other than that you have a perfectly via smoke, Nice to be a position to decide if you want ot go a bit longer, I would think that with those two montsters you will get quite a variation in trichomes depending on where you looking. Check out some of the trichs of the lower down buds how are they looking? You might want to do a double cut harvest, take tops, wait 3 weeks take rest of what was popcorn no nice buds. Have fun and enjoy

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personally I'd recommend running the ph a bit higher in the future as it looks like the plants are sucking nutrients out of the shade leaves to make up for deficiencies but as for the current plants I'd give them a couple more weeks depending on the weather and pull them.  You're not likely to reap the benefits of running the ph a bit higher but the difference in the quality of the buds you produce will be night and day with a bit of added maturity :)

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very well done, that repair work looked great bet theres a big knuckle under the tape where it joined back up.  I'd b inclined to leave it a little too, bit of amber ,nice couch lock.. but up to you dude.


that yellowing is just what the plant does toward the end of its cycle, puts all every thing it got to the buds and the rest of the leaf starts to yellow and fall off,  its the 16th of march and not far off april any way, some just quicker than others.

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