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I did a search on the forums already and i see others have asked about the orange hairs, but their questions related to orange hairs appearing on the buds.


Mine are to early to flower yet, and i want them to remain vegging until they repair their root system, and gain some height etc.

Two of my plants have been showing white hairs, and today iv noticed two orange hairs emerging from the white hairs. - I read on another forum that someone said its a sign of a pest... i dont really agree with that. What do the orange hairs mean when your plant isnt in the flowering stage, or doesnt have buds?


also what can i do to prolong the vegging stage?  Thanks

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Hey blondie.


Some pics would be helpful, but I'll take a guess.


Probably just your preflowers that have been there for a while and the pistils are changing colour accordingly, in which case nothing to worry about.  This is based on the assumption that the plants are not actually flowering, and also that you have no males (or hermaphrodites) around producing pollen.


Prolonging veg, I'm assuming you have these plants outdoors, in which case the only way to keep them in veg much longer will be to give them extra hours of artificial light every day until you are ready to let them flower.  Doesn't need to be intense light, just something to keep them awake, CFL's are fine, even solar spotlights will do the trick if you don't want to move the plant or run power to them.  If they are under lights, just keep them on 18/6 until you are ready to flower.

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