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Seedling split (first grow)

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Hi all,

I've browsed the internet trying to find an answer to this, however being a first time grower - I might be describing it incorrectly.


After finding a seed in my bag, I germinated it and threw it in some nice soil (early Feb). For the first 2-3 weeks I gave it nothing but water, however over the past month I've been watering with some very weak seasol (fortnightly). As you can see, it's quite small considering its almost 2 months old.

My main question is, is it normal for a seedling to split into two stems like this? Is it an indication that it's not receiving enough sunlight? I realised when planting that the long days were coming to an end, so it was more of an experiment than anything.

Secondly, hopefully you can see that there's a slight discolouration in one of the leaves. This has appeared on other leaves too, however tends to clear up after a day or two. Is this a sign that it's either getting too much, or not enough of a particular nutrient?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: The pot is approx 30cm across (for scale)





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Thanks for the replies :)

The plant is growing up amongst a family of chillies (separate pots) and over past summers, they've been a total nightmare for aphids. I haven't had any this season, but I'm not surprised to hear that at all. I'll definitely check out the eco-oil, really appreciate the tip!

I'm honestly not sure how this one's going to turn out. I didn't really expect it to grow but now that it has, I'm a bit gutted it's at the wrong time of year. In a week or two it's going to be too visible to leave it its current spot, so I'll be moving it out the back (which gets far less direct sunlight). It's good to know I can do it when I try properly later in the year, but this is my first born and we've bonded! Haha

Knowing all of that, would you bother spending money on nutrients other than the seasol + powerfeed I already have?

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G'day once again,

The mutant/split/experiment plant is still loving life, although heavy overnight rains had it hanging over this morning. I also noticed that the main stem seems to emerge from the soil at a 20-30 degree angle (before straightening and branching off), but there are no noticeable signs of stress on the foliage. 

I suspect it's showing the first signs of gender now. Really hoping these (pics) indicate it's female, but I may have to wait longer to be sure. Just wondered what some of the more experienced gardeners think?

I've moved it to a more secluded yet less sunny spot and the Melb days are getting MUCH shorter, so I expect it's going to flower quite small. I'm happy with that though. I knew this would be an issue when I planted mid Feb. Even if I only get 1 gram I'll be rapt. Is it possible to clone small plants like this, or do the branches/stems need to be more developed?

Cheers all. I love this place!





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