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Green Caterpillars in my Buds

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Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Growing Medium: Perlite, Premium potting mix
Growing Style:
Watering/Feeding Frequency: as required
Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC): 3mls per ltr Canna Flores
PH Levels:7
Temperature/Humidity Levels:
Air Flow/Fans etc.:
Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.):
Total Wattage:
Growth Stage:Late flower
Plants Age:74 days, day 41 flowering
Cannabis Strain:AK47 Auto


I have had an ongoing battle with whatever has been munching its way through my AK47. I have removed three bugs the last one last night, it was Green, about the thickness of a pencil lead and about 2-3cm long. I have been in the middle of harvesting another Auto while much of this was going on so I was a bit distracted. When I checked this morning I noticed that the two top coloa's have dead pistils on them, not brown but plain old dead. Checked further into the bud and found what appears to be larvae/bug poo of whatever has been eating my plant.

Does anyone know what these bugs might be?? Can I salvage the infected bud or just leave it alone to repair. What is the best way to fix this? The plant should be ready in the next week or two but may go much longer due to a lack of shade leaves that were consumed by the insect attack.


I hope the pictures explain what I can't.


Plant Overview the buds impacted show signs of the pistils either having been eaten or dying off



These appear to some kind of Larvae/Egg?



Damage to main budds



This is the budd nearest to the camera pulled apart slightly and you can see more bug poo





I went out to have another look at the plant and found the culprit.



Further investigation tells me these little green caterpillars are a bastard if you get them, went and picked up some natural pyre thrum spray as this will kill them on contact (supposedly). I also went through each  and every Budd and looked into it and found maybe another 4-5 caterpillars. I did this twice then sprayed them, will check again shortly to see if it has got them on the move or I have a reprieve for the time being.




The buds are being eaten from the inside out so you have to get right into the buds to make sure you get them. I cleaned out any bug poo whilst checking them and there wasn't a significant amount in the first place.


Not really sure what else to do here I don't want to lose the plant or a significant amount when its so close. Maybe if this doesn't work I should cut my losses and harvest. When I investigated the buds looking for the caterpillar I did notice that at this stage much of the damage seems superficial. However I don't know how these auto's react to being inspected that closely, or for losing the amount of leaves it has or how it likes being pulled apart when I check for the critters. Time will tell...Any suggestions as to how to further treat or prevent a re-occurrence then I am all ears :)

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Thanks for the quick replies I am very tempted to give it a quick flush, wash and harvest the dam thing while I still have some decent bud.


When I choose the natural pyrethrum I was told it was suitable for fresh vege's and I could give the vege a wash and eat it tomorrow.


Pics don't work?

I have read that spinosad is safe. Yates Success Ultra is the next generation of it.

Don't know what happened with the pics but they seem to be working now, Thanks for your help



I would have removed by hand and either harvested or kept on top of it until ready. Not a fan of Pyrethrum and things like that late in flower.


If you are worried in the future about caterpillars consider using Dipel before they become a problem.



Thanks Nacha I did remove by hand and then sprayed after. I will ensure that I get some Dipel and be proactive. This is my first encounter with the little buggers so be more prepared from now on. If this continues and I find further caterpillars tomorrow then I will probably cut my losses. There are a couple of really nice big buds that have no damage that I could easily save and a fair amount on the damaged one is probably still Ok. It will be early but better early than half the yeild full of rotten bug poo and caterpillars.

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