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I would probably choose Lush (San Fernando Valley OG Kush x Lemon Thai) from Fusion.


The smell and taste are amazing, true sour buds. Yields well, lots of trichomes, nice looking buds that are dense and stay dense after drying. The bubble hash is great and looks like oil. The bho extracted from Lush retains the great sour flavour and the yield is decent.


One of the reasons I would choose this over other strains is that it is currently unavailable and I'm not sure if it will be available again. All the other contenders I would just hope someone I know grows :D


I germinated the seed this clone came from just short of 3 years ago - Long Live Lush!!!








Naycha :peace:

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Best stuff I've had was this light green super-sticky, covered in crystals bud that smelt like skittles.

Unfortunately i never knew the name of it because it was 'street weed', but daaaaaaaaaaam i wish there was a seed in that stuff.


havn't really grown enough variety of strains to give a decisive answer

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Hi Capt my fav subject. I have some Titanic male cross with a Mulangi gold female that gives plants with purple leaves and calyxes tastes of pine, sweet skunk and kicks arse with an instant high that leaves you gasping like just befor you are about to come except it lasts for 4 hrs. You did ask my friend. Fair winds and high tides may you encounter.


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I would choose blue cheese Barneys farm the pheno I had was massive yielded and so and strong smoke the bloke I gave clones to 4 years ago still has it and rants and raves to my mate every time he sees him. I even got a sample a few months back so lovely just waiting for another friend to clone his one he got then I will never let it go lol. It saying that I gt close to 70 seeds sitting in the fridge to crack
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Same problem, I haven't had enough variety of strains to really know.  Other problem is that my tastes have changed as I've aged.  At one stage it would have been Thai sativa hands down, then I fell in love with Moroccan Black Hash, even got caught up in the Skunk hype in the 90's (but got over it very fast).


These days I'd have to lean towards a numbing sedative Indica of some sort, but I don't feel I've quite found the one I'm looking for yet.  Northern Light Blue by Delicious Seeds is the closest I've found, but it's just a little short on the numbing side.  Ask me again in 5 years :unknw:


And as asked above, what's yours you barnacled blaggard?

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Argh hargh, great answers mateys! Keep'em coming.

That's cheating Lou :D

as a few said above, my growing time is limited compared to most. Of the strains I have grown, Liberty haze from barney farm has been my fav sofar. good yielder indoors and out. very fruity with a strong but manageable high.

Or, If it was still available and stabilized id grow Twister. a strain I smoked many moons ago in Amsterdam from the Media coffeeshop. Similar to lib haze in flavor and high but a bit more. a sati dom plant that was hard to grow so was discontinued :(

Dint know its lineage but would love find out one day. :good:

Cap'n yNg


Ill bump thIs in a few years :)

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