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Is brittle growth typical of revegged plant?

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I grew a Stacked OG Kush plant indoors last winter and stuffed it up with nute burn.  However, when I closed the indoor tent down the plant had showed sufficient promise to make me want to try it outdoors.


So I cut it back and let it reveg outside, eventually planting it in the ground.


The plant grew really well with many, many branches coming from the base.  I pruned these back to about 6 main ones and started tying them down to open the bush up.  However during the course of the summer I broke several branches because they were just too brittle and snapped instead of bending.


So, now in late flower I have a really thick bush left that I can't open up to the light because if I try a branch or bud will just snap off.


I've also lost a few branches just shaking the plant to dislodge white fly.


So my question is - is this typical of a revegged plant?  or likely to be genetic or nutrient related??


None of my other plants had this problem and they were all from seed or clone.



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