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Reveg or confused/lethargic bud development?

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I've gotten a nice sturdy plant from mystery bag seed which has been growing quite nicely.

about 5 weeks back I put it in the shed early for about a week, bringing it back out 1st thing in the morning, to induce flowering.

Now in my eagerness I found a thread somewhere saying that you could then put the plant back outside and the flowering would continue no problem.

Its been a while now and I sense that although there are plenty of bud sites with some sticky resinous tips and such, there is a problem.

The plant seems to be bushing out heaps with many single blade leaves, and smaller bushy leaf growth up the stems, while the "buds" are kinda sprung out all over and not looking like the bud we know and love.

I have trimmed and cropped this plant to be small and bushy due to prying eyes and contained space.

This kid has been fed on seasol only and fresh water, no bugs pests or disease etc.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, as I have read too much now and am considering trimming all the bud growth off and getting it back to veg!

It would be a pov smoke, just keen to get the most out of this plant and hopefully some nice little clones.

Have attached some current pics of the little bugger!

Cheers!! :)





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Brown pistils could be because of heat stress or being pollenated early by a near by male but more then likely be because of you trying to induce early flowering ...its still away from finishing though ... I wouldnt worry SS , just let it finish ....its still early days for your girl


Cheers :) Brimstond

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Gday mate I had a few in pots do that too me last year,I think a hot spell followed by a cold snap sent them into flower,but as you say they were like confused stuck almost between veg and flower,that was in December and didn't really move till the other plants started too flower in Febuary,they did finish ok but I had 7-8 weeks of almost no growth,i did try flower nutes bit of potash that didn't help, maybe as the season moves on they may take off aswell.....goodluck
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Thanks Magpie and B, good advice and sound theory re dark pistils. Had a few scorchers here in Qld lately, not surprised if that is the cause. As advised I think I will just let this baby grow and see what may be!

Any advice re pruning/trimming/fimming/topping at this stage? Was looking around and seems to be different theories.

I respect that this is a weed and will grow as such, but part of me wants to go Mr Miyagi on this plant and tweak it.

Thanks for your time peeps, much appreciated! :)

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