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Harvest advice for first time grower

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Hi all, I am a complete first time grower. Found a seed in some weed, planted it straight into the ground some time in October. This is the result, and I think it has been flowering for about 3.5. Weeks. How far off harvest do you think it might be? I was hoping to harvest it just before Easter but I can't see too many trichromatic (or what ever they are called)! I am in SA and growing outdoors.




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Thanks for the advice! Easter is late this year, so it should have been in flower for nearly 10 weeks. Hopefully it is close by then. I hadn't thought about mould and it does get cold at night where I am. Do you think it would be better to cover it with shade cloth over night to keep the temp up or would that make it too humid and encourage mould? Also do you all give blooming feeds at this stage? I have read so much advice for indoor northern hemisphere plants and just want to know what is best in australia!
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It's not the cold, but the damp that encourages mould.


If you are in an area that has generally dry and sunny weather through autumn, cold nights are not a problem. If you are in an area that gets a lot of drizzle, cloudy and humid weather through autumn - then you may need to cut early to avoid mould and mildew problems.


As for flowering fertilisers... a little PK 13:14 wouldn't go astray.

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Thanks Louise! I will check for mould but don't think I will cover it. Not really sure how I got it to grow so well, just water and sun and a bit of seasol early on. I sort of accidentally did some lst, I was just trying to hide it from poking over the fence rather than increase the yield. Hoping for a couple of oz for personal consumption!
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