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So guys this will be my 2nd plant ever I'll be planting, my last one didn't turn out so well.


I have to hide the fact I'll be growing a plant due to living at home with parents, in their eyes marijuana is a drug and something that has a negative impact on a person.

The last plant was mowed over due to it being in my backyard. I tried to hide it we'll but needed to keep in mind it had to be a sunny spot, it sprouted well and was looking good for a week or so and discoloured.


This time I am planning on putting it into a little pot plant after germinating the seed and leave it in a sunny spot for a week or so, I'm assuming all I'll need to do is keep it watered and in sun right?

I also have seasol organic plant flowering solution that I was planning on mixing with water and spraying on the plant.


So my process would be

1: germinate seed

2: plant in small pot plant

3: water with flowering solution

4: keep in a sunny spot and keep watering

5: move into a bigger pot plant until harvest.


Have I missed a lot of steps? What's the best, safest, and quickest means of planting to harvesting? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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Take a step back man, It's easy to over do it. obviously you want the best for your plants, but you'll be doing yourself a big favor taking baby steps. all too often problems come about by trying too hard (this is personal experience BTW).


Don't worry about a scheduled - boosting up flowering or trying to reach max growth, that shit comes with experience. You'll hear people talking pH, forget it. and don't even worry about nutrient deficiencies too much at this stage. If you watch the plant grow without too much input then in future grows you can try new things and you will see the difference.


My advice - Get some good quality potting mix and a pot that will fit the whole bag. Transplant into this when the seedling has third or fourth set of serrated leaves.Then water when the first few of centimeters of soil are dry. over watering it's the biggest mistake. if you have the time to keep a keen eye, maybe even let her wilt a little and get a feel for how much water is needed. it's amazing how quickly they bounce back!


The more sun the better but they will survive quite nicely under a big tree - stealth comes first.


Put your energy into learning how to detect pests and disease and when to recognise mature flowers.


And last but not least, do you remember the here and the tortoise story?...Don't grow at your folks house!

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And last but not least, do you remember the here and the tortoise story?...Don't grow at your folks house!

I don't really have any other choice.

An indoor grow is out of the question due to lack of space so an outdoor setup is my only choice and I don't have the time or experience for a guerrilla grow.

Also continuing to get off dealers really isn't an option anymore - I'm sick of people that don't know what the fuck they're doing and wouldn't know good bud if it was forced down their lungs!


So pretty much your advice is lookout for the pests, water it and let it do it's thing?

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It's a learning process. I am doing my first grow and I have learned from my mistakes only 2 months in... biggest thing i had to watch out for was the bloody rabbits. Use chicken wire around the plants. Only thing that saved my other two plants out of the 12 I had :P hopefully it goes well for you!

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Crunk, luckily I have no rabbit problem due to the fact that I have 2 cats lol. Thanks for the support - will keep posting my progress :)

I'm curious, what would happen if your parent found your plant?



World war 3 would happen mate!


1: I'd recieve a massive lecture

2: probably get the cops called on me to be taught a lesson

3: probably get a criminal record & ruin my life

4: find the best connection I can and smoke a whole lotta indica!

(I'd much rather a sativa but last thing I'd want is a cerebral buzz thinking about my life) lol!

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If you think you will be able to grow a plant to maturity in what sound like a small back yard , and without your parents noticing. ) you are kidding yourself.


Not sure how old you are mate, but parents generally aren't as stupid as you may think. Get off your arse and take one out bush !

 Agreed. Make the effort to go find a safe area.

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I'll think about guerrilla growing once I figure out how to germinate seeds properly and getting the plant to sprout & achieve vegetative state, once I get to that point I'll get the plants off my property .


Until then I have my own hurdles to face, & FYI billygoat "get off your arse" - I'm already off my arse working 40 hour weeks, ontop of that trying to balance time with family and friends, going out all the way into the bush to take care of a few plants I hardly have the time for!


So in the meanwhile once my babies hit vegetation then I'll transport them.

Stop giving me grief, start giving advice to a fellow grower!

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