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Best White Rhino Breeder?

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I did a bit of research on white rhino strains from time to time over the last 3 years.

Basically I took the advice and knowledge i read about in forums from other growers experience.


They all seemed extremely disapointed with nirvana white rhino.

they were all really happy with greenhouse white rhino.

Have heard that medicine man was the thumbs up too.


have seen a few more exxy breeders selling white rhino strains for over $100 a 5 or 10 pack. People say you get what you pay for basically.


If you wanted the best of the best I would research the results from growers that bought the more exxy seeds.

My advice anyway. Can't beat your own research if done correctly.

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Price doesn't always equal quality.  There are lots of people selling seeds for extremely high prices like doggies nuts on attitude which can go for over $600 for a single pack of seeds.  Another thing to consider is that breeders try to release F1 generation seeds as they're pretty uniform and have hybrid vigor which is great and all but you might think to yourself if only the buds had a little more indica or sativa dominance they'd be perfect which you would have a fair chance of finding in the F2 generation if you made seeds.  You may also just fall in love with the strain and want to make seeds to preserve the genetics anyway so you might want to stay clear of greenhouse seeds version as they only sell feminized seeds of it.  Then again you may have no intention of ever making seeds and don't want to lose half your crop to males so the greenhouse seeds version might suit you better.  Only you can really work out what suits you best so I would just try and work out as many details as you can like your budget, how many seeds you can start, if you plan to make seeds, etc. and use those details to wipe out different versions until you are left with the one that suits you the most.

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I'd go with mr nice's medicine man.  Its the same strain under a different name.




i have no experience w/the strain however have had a couple of dealings with mns and if their NHS strain is an example of their genetics they are first cab off the rank for me. Med Man sonds heavy duty lol

Peace. v :sun:

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So i went n had a look at medicine man as ill be ordering through herbies the smallest pack is 15 seeds and theyre a little pricey , i wasnt planning on making that big of an investment at the moment but i will definatly keep it in mind for the future. So Green house seeds was who i was originally going to go with because they have won cups with white rhino and its a herbies reccomends strain, atm im leaning towards gh seeds $10.80 per seed so i can order a few see how it goes and if its what im looking for ill order some more.
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