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Into TheBatCave 1200watt Recirculating Dwc Waterfarm Run

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High guys and gals im TheBatCave, 

Been growing here and there and been lurking the forums so i wanted to introduce myself by showing what ive been up to


Heres the Plan 

Gonna be doing a perpetual harvest run



2 x Grow Tents for moms and vegging clones 

1 x 8 Pack Waterfarm From General Hydroponics (i imported it)

1 X 49ltr Res & Controller Bucket With 1/2'' Float Valve For Auto Feed

3 x 600watt Mh/hps heaps of spare bulbs For veg/flower

1x Carbon Scrubber 

2x 6'' Exaust/Intake Fans 

6" Ducting 


Nutes; Canna Aqua Vega (veg) Canna Aqua Flores (flores)


Strains in this run 

White widow feminised 

White widow x Bigbud 

Ducks foot 


Got a spare room under the house that i fitted out and set the waterfarm up and got the beans cracking 

got everything labeled out and sorted out 


Temps 20'C Humidity 50%


CURRENT PH 5.8 PPM 500 EC 1.0






















i hope you pull up a chair and see how i go 

Still need to fix a few things as im going 

To be running co2 so im still waiting for the gas bottle and regulator to arrive :) but all systems are go!!!!





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Thanks people 


theres no noise from the pump also i forgot to mention that this grow theres no one around i live in a remote area and my house has a basement/cellar 

So everything is in there so i really dont have to worry about heat also the fans are venting the scrubbed air under the house so yeah no noise no smell 

just a guy who loves to grow weed :)

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hey guys ill be updating in a few days but in the mean time look what came in the mail today :)

happy days


That is a kick arse seed pack to get in the bloody mail bat cave!


Im not really game to order that many at once let alone in the breeders packs.

This pick really makes me want to give it a go ordering breeders packs now ! lol

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Okay heres an update 


i started out growing 5 plants thinking i was gonna clone the rest and fill the missing 3 pots with cuttings but i decided to put different strains all together so i can find the best ones/pheno's and put them in the grow tent and make them mothers 


My ph has been set at 5.6 because these girls are really liking that range 5.6 - 5.8 its eazy to control the swing with canna aqua

my temps have been 24*C - 27*C  humidity has been 55 - 60%  

my night temps are 20*C all night The Thermostat/heater is doing its job quite well 

The C02 is rocking out at 1500ppms explosive growth get co2 if you can it works a treat the girls love it 

ive been vegging the established plants in the waterfarm for 3 weeks and i popped a few more seedlings as well to fill up the gaps im going to be doing soil and DWC 


My ac shit itself so going to buy another one this week 

going to get one of those portable ones with dehumidifier setting to control the levels to keep things steady 


but all in all things are going great going to wait a bit longer for the other babies to catch up before i flip them

going to put the confirmed females  in the other tents and as for the ducks foot i will be putting them in a different tent

well away from the other plants in another section of the house for a seed run.


Strains im running in this grow are:


Mazar , Ducksfoot , Skunk#1 , White widow , White Widow X Bigbud 


Note :: Canna aqua has to be the best nutes ive used so far from the new line of canna products aimed at Recirculating systems 

The Ph is so steady it rarely shifts and it makes my job a lot easier as i dont have to be constantly checking them all the time i check them once in the morning and once at night thats it 


I decided to Take one 600w mh/hps out and replace with a growlush 6400k Cfl to veg and to keep the costs down 

so now ive got 2x 600w & 1 200w Cfl  just to keep the costs down  so all up im running 1400watts 18/6

ill be putting the 600w back during flower tho im just seeing the difference in the power bills etc 



Currently on 18/6

Nutes Canna Aqua Vega A & B ( Grow Stage ) 

Rez 64Litres 

System Waterfarm 8 Pack Recirculating Deep Water Culture

Co2 15mins 3 times a day @ 1500 ppm

ph 5.6


Well i hope you like the pics 



















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