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Just a bit of nutrients news i thought i would share.

Advanced Nutrients now has an Australian distributor and will soon be on the shelves of a lot of hydro shops.

They have quite a few interesting sounding products like Bud candy, Bud factor x, Kushie Kush, Big Bud, Overdrive, just to name a few.

They are all designed for specifically growing cannabis, so id love to give them a try. 

Hopefully they won't be too expensive.   :greedy:  :twiddle:

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Advanced nutrients has never really distributed to oz.... yeah they have sold a few of their old-school base nutes (old stock) ..... and the occasional myco product at one of hte larger stores in oz and a few other products. advanced nutrients has a mad line of products and i cant wait to use them. Everytime i visit a hydro store i ask if they can order it in & every hydro store has said the same and that is that its difficult ordering from them because of the ammt of stock you have to purchase in bulk and they were largely reluctant to deal with oz, its good to see shit has changed.


thanks for the news :D

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