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Lukes next grow...

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Hello there everyone in Oz Stonerville...


Thought I might do an update on the growroom, let you know what I've been up to vis a vis revegging and show you the seedlings I've been sprouting.....


Now, as you may or may not know, I'm awaiting an order of bubblegum seeds, the Serious Seeds one. These were ordered through Heavens Stairway UK, and should be here in a month or so.... Well, hopefully a heck of a lot quicker than that, but that's the timeframe I'm giving myself.


So, in the meantime, I thought I'd get some new motherplants growing from some stock I've been holding onto for just such an occasion. I didn't germ many, but the pics will show that these are for the most part healthy little babes waiting to grow into monster mummas. lol


Right, to start out tho, I thought I'd take a moment to ask that we bow our heads for the plant, Jimmy. For anyone who has read my last growing thread, you'll know that jimmy was a good and strong plant, yeilding many lovely buds... In the end tho, I only need one plant to reveg with for clones, and I needed the space in the gr. So Jimmy... *sniff* has passed.


Here's a fuzzy pic showing the remnants before it was dumped out... A moment of silence please...




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Okay, let's take a look at vicki now shall we? She's being revegged under 18hrs hid with an extra 6 hours of 28w flouro to break the dark cycle. This is run during the hottest period of the day to keep the temps down inside the gr.


Now, she's had most branches removed, and the shoots have begun to revert to vegetative growth. lol


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Heh Heh, the undercanopy is mostly removed before this is done, and any shoots which aren't showing obvious signs of reversion by the fourth week were trimmed off. You have to make a balance between current and future growth, as if you take off too much you'll encourage the plants to prune their own roots, leading to a looooot of root disease probs later. And if you leave too much behind it can take forever to get the plants going back to a generative state, and then when they do it becomes an unmanageable jungle. The flowers which are left have to be removed, as they will eventually die and rot on the stems as they elongate and thicken when the new growth tips are growing out.


Hope that helps.


Anyway, Vicki is doing well, the new shoots are strengthening and are returning to that familiar vegetative leaf structure... I'll take some pics tonight and show you all how she and the other seedlings are doing....


In the meantime, I'll finish up the pics I didn't get around to posting in here the first time.... where was I up to?.....


Oh yeah, I was showing shots of vicki... okay, I'll do that and then finish off the shots of the seedlings, and then I'll take a whole new round of shots for you all tonight eh? ;)


This is another close up of a revegging bud. ;) Same time as the other shots.


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Now let's show what a few have been asking for....


These are a couple of seeds from the Dutch Passion Purple Star seeds I won from PS a while back. I gave a few away and sowed 4. All came up, but I'd deliberately sowed more to ensure that the plants I grew were vig. Fortunately for me I had two in each as one seedling from each pot was lost, one to sunburn when extremely young and the other to wilt.. Lucky eh?


Anyway, here's one of the DPPS seedlings. ;)


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