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First real grow up an at 'em


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Hello folks,


It's been a while since I did any real posting here, but I've finally got on track and taken a decent shot at this whole growing thing.


For the moment I don't have any pics but I should be able to get ahold of a digital camera in the next couple of days from work, and then the real fun can begin. No one likes a grow thread without pics :D


So, where am I at the moment? I have two clones going that I recieved in the mail nearly 2 weeks ago, and they are going very strong. I think they were about 7" or so when I got them, now they're averaging about 13-14" and these fuckers are growing so quick I can barely keep up with them. They are looking extremely bushy and have potential to be very effective clone whores.


So after an initial bit of slight nute burn they are looking very healthy. Ph is a tad under 6, and I'm maintaining an EC reading of 0.9 with Nulife Cocofeed veg nutes. Fucken love those truncheons. Watering 2-3 times a day with a plain watering every other feeding. Medium is a light perlite/coco coir mix, about a 60/40 mix. The pots they are in are 25L jobbies from Big W (I love their gardening section now) and the two plants are under a 150W mh. They also get a light fan powered breeze for around 8 hours a day.


What have I forgotten... oh yeah! The strain of course is Shiva Skunk. Seemed like a good choice to start off with, short flower, hard to kill, decent sorta reliable plant that I can make mistakes with and come off without too big a problem on my hands.


I'm to start building the cabinet for them tonight (maybe when I get my ass up and off this computer) and a digital camera tomorrow, if I am lucky. Depends on if the boss is in a good mood or not!


If anyone has any pointers, ideas, suggestions on how to improve what I have here I'd be real keen to take them on board.


Stay tuned, lots of luscious newbie pics to follow this week, as well as... erm ... naked women. Yeah.



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This is the best I could do with a close up under the MH light. Notice the odd lines, the camera I was using must have had a very slow shutter speed for this to happen I think ... not too sure :D


If you look closely on the fan leaf in the lower left hand corner, you can see there is a slight cupping on the edge of the leaves. Does anyone know why this happens? I don't think it's nutrient burn as I am giving them a relatively weak mix of EC 0.9 - 1.0 at the moment. Ph is all good too. But they had only been watered once today before these pictures were taken, and I had just drained all the water from the medium getting ready to flush it out. Any ideas?


So at two weeks from coming in the mail they are doing alright I hope, very nice and bushy, a few crusty leaves here and there but the majority of the plants are looking extremely healthy.


Anyhow, I had better get started on taking some clones now ... Will add pics of those later tonight.


Ciao for now.


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Wehey a poster! I knew someone would look sooner or later :D


Thanks for the compliments pipe - But I didn't do that much work. They came to me well rooted and very established so it wasn't too hard to get them crankin'.


Those plants looking bloody good mate.


Hahahah you should see them now! I just raped them for about 20 clones each, they're lookin like skinny lil sheep, I might take some pics actually.

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Last pic for the night - clone box with the lid off. Not the most consistent looking bunch eh?


Why so many clones? Well, this is my first time cloning too, so I thought I would try out a few different techniques - leaving the fan leaves next to the tips on, trimming them, chopping them off entirely, scarification on the roots, using hormone, using no hormone, using clones from top to bottom, tiny shoots, big shoots - Perhaps the end results will give me a good indication as to which combo roots fastest.


Plus, I need the practice.


Now to clean up this grand fucken mess of mine ::D: I'm out for the night folks, happy reading, updates in a few days or so!




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