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Hi to everyone

A cool site, nice to know we have one to go to without the mention of all the American products to use that we dont have.


Anyway, to start with, I have converted a closet 4' wide x 2' deep x 6' high.

I have a 250mm extractor fan at the top and a 200mm inlet fan at the bottom. I have set up a 600 watt HPS light.

In there is 8 x 10" pots full of expanded clay. The bottom of the pots are all linked together via T-pieces to return the nutes to the reservoir. There is a small pump which delivers the nutes to the top of the pot. This is set on a timer I have an aquarium air pump with 2 airstones to aerate the nute tank.

Is all okay so far ?

Right, lets get started. I want to do a SCROG grow and have made up the frame.

Is it correct to have it 10" above the grow media?

Unfortunately, I cant get any clones so I will have to work from seed which is coming from Amsterdam. "Ice" , 10 seeds for $18.75 AUD. I am getting 5 different varieties including:

Northern Lights x Shive, B-52, K-2, AK-48.

Now, what is the best way to germinate the seeds? I have read so many conflicting ways that I would rather throw it over to you guys.

After sprouting, how long do you have to wait before feeding nutes and at what strength?


Sorry about all this but I stuffed up my Northern Light that I was sent 2 weeks ago.


Looking forward to the replies.

Cya dudes

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Guest BudWaver

Hey man...all sounds good so far....


All your questions pertaining to seed germination are already on the boards...I manually search for em as I find the search function in need of some work....


For SCROG I find it optimal in small spaces to have it 6-8 inches above the edge of the pots...and slightly higher in larger areas of 1 foot above the top of the pots...this I find allows for the longer growing times in larger spaces..and theres the theory I ascribe to which states that branch development will be slowed by having your branches at less than a 45 degree angle during grow stages...so I try to avoid them being bent below that angle


Sounds like you have some nice strains coming to you...from Nirvana perhaps?


After trialling many many methods of seed germination over the years the wet paper towell folded half a dozen times on a plate with your seeds in between the layers with another plate on top to avoid algal growth etc and on a warm source of heat such as a cloning cabinet is ideal for me

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