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well, i got slightly impatient over the weekend and popped a couple of seeds into some germination soil and put them under an 100 watt globe inside on my puter desk. I will still plant some later on when the time is right for them to go outside but i soooo badly wanted to see the little babies growing. B) i will be back posting on this thread to let you know whats going on and with some pics along the way so peoples like your good selves can tell me what im doing wrong cos im sure something will go wrong hehe.
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well, ive just had a good idea yesterday and before i go ahead with it, i thought i would pass it by you guys. I have an old chook shed, (without chooks) and Ive decided to turn it into a greenhouse type shed. I want to take off part of the tin roof and replace it with plastic so the sun can come through and I can keep my plants in there without any trouble. It has plenty of ventilation and is tall enough so people cant really look in through the top of it. but what i wanted to know is whether or not I should use clear plastic sheeting or should I use fiberglass sheeting which isnt totally see-through? you know what i mean??




eliiemay :rolleyes:

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sounds like a great idea to me. Both sheeting types will work, it depends whether you think seeing them from above is a risk. Personally I'd sheet with obscure poly sheeting to be safe, but if you think there's bugger all chance anyone will spot it from above, use clearer sheeting, lets in more light.
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Guest Field_of_Light

ellie...the fibreglas sheeting can block up to 80% of the suns uv rays etc and block somewhere in the vicinity of 60% of the available light...


Id just use clear cheapo sheets that let uv and light thru....

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