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Hey , I'm back, ok well i thought this site had gone to shit as there was a long period of time when i kept getting error msg's. I was really looking forward to doing a grow diary as well.


Anyway to cut a long story short, im currently near the end of my first cloned scrog grow, just started flush today so should only be 2weeks max, will keep you updated on yield and so forth.


I have recently recieved some grade A genetics from Nirvana Seeds,


NL special


Bog Sweetcindy99 x Sweet tooth

and good old skunk1


really looking forward to scrogging the Bogbubble, has a turn around time of 45-50 days :)Nice fat colas too. Ok but as i havnt fullfilled my promise to do a SCROG grow diary i will do another run with the unknown genetics i have, easier with clones you know lol Should be takin some clones in about two weeks time.


The following pics were taken last weekend, the plants are towards the end of their cycle so my guess is about day 60-65 ( didnt take note of when 12/12 started) they had 3 weeks veg, i gave them a week extra as i made a couple of ph blunders at the start due to equiptment failure.


Last Scrog for those who dont know were from seed grown in Bubbler, harvest from that was 6oz dried (3 plants ), this grow i have 4 clones in rockwool floc handwatered, only filled the screen about 80%, so next grow i will see if i can plumb in 2 more clones.


My uneducated estimate for harvest this grow is somewhere around 8oz, the buds grown in the rockwool seem to have plumped up so much more than the DWC ones ever did.


My reasoning for this is i was allways a bit worried about nute burn in the DWC so i kept levels low, obviously the plants didnt get as much of what they needed , hence smaller buds. I've found with the handwatered floc flushing every 3 waterings is all thats needed, and they just go off.


Anyhow to much talking i'll let these pics say it for themselves,



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lol Guuuuh guh guuuuh guuuuh.... *drool* *slobber*


Niiice scrog there mate.... You should be real proud of yourself right now, that's very neat and uniform, and those buds look veeery potent. Oh, and what kind of setup is it? You said the first one was a bubbler, but this is a handwatered growool floc? So what kind of pots is it in? And how big is the chamber? I have a lot of respect for growool, it's a really powerful media if you use it well. Are you using anything to lighten it? Like perlite or leca?


Sorry to bombard you like this, but I love scrog, I think it's a great way to get a nice, fast, and above all uniform harvest of primo buds, in minimum time. I notice here that a few growers are asking what exactly scrog is, so I think they'll be watching this space carefully. (nimer, pay attention! :D ) I'll look forward to your response mate, and once again, congrats on a great grow! I can smell it from here! :lol:

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Guest Field_of_Light

been scrogging it for the last year now...and have come to the conclusion that scrog in the form of minimum plants and mesh is not as fast as ppl make it out to be....nor yields what it should for the time spent


why? it takes too long when you have a larger area to grow too few plants to fit the size of your screen...now if you have a smaller screen or larger numbers of plants then you will be ok...it will be a quick turnaround.....


so scrog x sog would ideally be the way to go...medium number of plants turned over in shortest time....


just an observation

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I am watching luke dont worry :-) watching closely.....


Nice buds Rattdogg :-) what are the dimensions on that screen? and how high is it from the containers??


I only ask cause i am planning a scrog lol Might pick up a few tips from some who has grown it...


They are some very nice pics btw mate lol

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Thanks for the props, nice to know ppl like it lol


Ok will try and answer all questions on the setup, best way to do that is give you a run down.


The box is 3x3 (screen size) and if i remember right it's 3 10 high. The pots are 7-8 litre hydro type with 12 or so holes drilled in the bottom, these sit in 2x of those square hydro tubs. When time comes to flushing i just empty the tubs out by hand with a glass. These have 1 1/2 inches of expanded clay balls for drainages, then it's filled to 1 inch below the top with just rockwool floc, nothing else, then another 1inch of clay balls to stop molding of the floc.


The screen sits no more than 7 inches above the pots, ideally if your seting up a scrog box aim for 12 inches above the post, gives you more room train through the stretch, there is a reason mine is set so low but more bout that later. The screen has pictue hooks spaced at 2inch intervals, which are then threaded with nylon blind cord.


Below the screen is a small recesed desk fan that has a dual purpose, it helps pull fresh air into the box through a 3 foot piece of dryer ducting and gives good ventilation across the canopy to stop mold.


Above the screen is the Stingray air cooled hood, inside sits a 600 sont plus, air is pulled across the light and expelled through another 3 foot piece of ducting, at the top of the box directly above the light is a 80cfm bathroom extractor fan, this really helps in keeping radiant heat from the shade ejected outside the environment, also assits greatly in getting fresh air in.


The ballast sits outside the box, nifty way i found to keep it cool is to sit it on a house brick on the concrete floor, this really helps pull the heat out of it.


It's really not a technical setup , very basic actually. It used to have a hell of alot more height , but i had to modify it when we moved house, so i had somewhere safe to put it, will be building a new grow spot in the near future, thing i like about this box is that it is accesable from two sides , make maintinence and screen training so much easier.


Future plans for my grow space will be 9 plants in there instead of 4, Field of light is spot on, more plants less time, ideally for scrog you need one plant per sqft. I will use same sized pots next grow but i will have the plant pot sitting in side an identical pot, this pot will be plumbed with an outlet, all nine will run to a main line wich will be plumbed to the outside, this will save a hell of alot of time on flushing.


Im not going to go into nutes now, as that will all be covered in the grow log on the next run, once this one is finished i will take some pics internally/externally of the box to give you an idea how things look, "phew" my fingers hurt lol

Cya later

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