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Shakira sings 'Underneath your Screen..'..

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Something I often overlooked when scrogging was the trimming of growth underneath the screen when I went into bloom. Lazy me. I used to end up with all the leaf and tips underneath the screen dying off and littering my floor. Then one grow I decided to be clean and trimmed off all the leaves and shoots that didn't make it through the screen. The result was a lot of space under the screen, with the bare branches growing through.

Unknown to me I had opened up a whole new airflow to my roots and underside of my screen, and my plants grew about 20% larger. So, it's not just tidy, it gives ya more buds, and allow your girls to consentrate their growing above the screen where it matters. Maybe ya mum was onto something when she said 'clean up your room'......




"A plant with wet feet will surely sneeze"

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Yeah, I suppose, but in a scrog the idea is to grow the buds above the screen,

allowing the plant to concentrate its growth on flowering sites that are getting

light from the hid. It's only about 25 cm from my medium to screen, so it would

only fit flouros, which grow buds that aren't really worth talking about compared to HID's. Plus, in a small setup - 1m x 1 m x 2 m high, fully enclosed, clearing out

the underscreen growth give better circulation through the plants, reducing problems such as mould.

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