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Break you girls arms

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My friend Stinky Pete (I have a strain named after him, he gave me the original mother of the line) showed me this technique. He's a bit of an old timer and he doesn't like fancy new fangled things like screens, so he just breaks his branches and bends em over. It's a bit more of a careful process than it sounds. If you feel the stem

you will notice it's hollow, but stringy. If you squeeze the stem and slowly bend it over, it will fold, just like a straw. (practise on a straw till you know what I mean)

The woody 'skeleton' has been broken but all the'skin and veins' of the plant remain intact and it will heal within a day and start to grow on this angle. Side shoots will turn up just like a scrog, and the new healed pathways of the plant are greatly enlarged, so they grow stockier. The way stinky pete does it , he ends up with plants that look a bit like rams horns, with the branches curling down and then up again, each one with a big cola. And when I say big, get a 2 litre plastic milk bottle and put your hands around it......I'm serious.

Mine don't get near as big, but I only have a little 400.

Stinky Pete has a 1000. But then again, I reckon he could grow pot in the middle of the Alice. Every newbie should make friend with an older grower. You will learn more than you can imagine (or smoke).

Toke on.

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hi happy


down here in s.a there r a handfull of us oltimers

been growing that way now 4 well over 10 yrs we generlyy can obtain 3-5lb of dried bud of 3 plants with 3-6 600 hps ..if u bend and snap all verticle branches and run them horizontal all side shoots start to grow up then bend them to fill any gaps and u basicly creat as many tips u can keeping everthing at uniform hight ..once u can count 50+tips turn to 12/12 and sit back and watch n enjoy......... :D

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