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This is the current list of clones available from SPC emailed to me by stonedas.


I'd be interested to hear the opinions/suggestions of anyone hear who has grown/smoked any of these.


Current clone lists are as follows upto two weeks to take an order


Very Berry-- indica domiant, super easy to grow and clone 50-60 days


Red Devil -- skunk dominant, super easy to grow better scrog than sog 50-60 days



Headstone-- purple stems veins and buds in right conditions, great stash and yield 50-60 days


SPC Indica--


sweet tooth #3 dominant-- minor auto preflower but super good yield, heavier than swt3 for stone 45-55 days


black domina dominant -- no auto flower slightly lower yield, heavy couch lock


50-60 days


Sweet Tooth#3-- grapefruit dominant, no auto flower,45-55 days


Misty-- white widow, harder to grow than the other strains wants to curl the serates of the leaves even at low temps, yield is lowest of the lot but resin content and stone make up for it. 55-65 days


Red Hair Skunk-- red/ purple stems pungent skunk, has double serated leaves, harder to clone than others 50-60 days


White Rhino-- widow growth traits afghani stone, good stash or commercial 55-65 days


Afghani#1-- sensi stock, aqua/ blue hue to the resin at peak flower, high yield super couch lock stone

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Guest Urbanhog

Grew SPC Indica from seeds, not clones, awesome resionus plants, very extremely couch-lock body stone for me.....love it, plan to get some more later..... nice strong strains (I mean the plants not the effects :) ) also very easy to care, not much TLC need......just the usual dialy check up..... dunno much about others, but heard some great comments about other strains from other members in the old 420 Australia forum.


cheers :ph34r:

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Very Berry is great to grow. You could nuke them and they would come through.


it's a good high, very sociallable.


I'm growing the INDICA out now, and agreee with urbanhog, good heavy heads with loads of resin, again an easy plant to grow.


The red devil is almost ready topick in my garden now. I flowered them way too early, and so have lost some potential of them. but they head early, and I'm sure that given a propper veg period woul dbe super heavy yeilding. I'n going to grow it again and do so.


White Rhino, I would walk over broken glass to get. Excellent plant, for growing and for smoking. I think it could be my all time favourite.





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hey all,

Heres my opinions in brief on them

For yield


afghani#1, headstone,red devil,sweet tooth#3(gf dom)

spc indica(either dominant pheno),very berry(indica), white rhino


For heaviest stone

aghani#1,headstone,spc indica (black domina dom),white rhino


For resin and taste

misty,red hair skunk, sweet tooth#3,spc indica, white rhino


All the strains are fairly hardy misty and red hair skunk being the hardest of all to grow.


SPC has been working hard to move forward and will hopefully have the new spc info cd ready for use in 2 weeks. The next objective will be to get a spc strainbase running from a cd so any user with the cd can add to the collection. If anyone would like more info or to add anything to the new cd feel free to contact me stonedas

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hey pipeman,

Yes, it would be a 2-3 week wait but is available. That size room would be ok but might be a bit tight with 6. Could even be an idea to larger(2-3 ') sog as it would probably scrog that room without the ties etc. For hieght problems just top or scrog the plant at a desired hieght. Theres a thread at overgrow.com called the 20 watt club that will give you more idea of what i mean. 20 watt club

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