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Electronic PH testers.

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The guy at my hydro store has a box full of dead electronic PH meters and reckons that he is having a lot of trouble finding a brand that is worth the price he has to sell them for, I was just wondering if anyone out there has one that has lasted them two years or more, how accurate it is and of course what brand. I am also trying to find a cheaper source for them than the hydro industry, if anyone has any suggestions along those lines they would be welcome too as they are commonly sold for a higher price than Truncheons are.



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hey Tom,


Hanna and Holland Forge make a new digitial PH pen that retails 4 $29.95. Accuracy is -/+ 0.1 ph and the pen lasts for 700 hours then you toss it and buy another.


Ask your LHS about them. - if not contact me.


As far as old PH pens most of the dearer ones have new heads you can buy for about half of the original price the pen was, makes like brand new. - they reccommend that u repalce the heads every 12 months anyway. - so a 140 dollar pen costs you 70 dollars every twelve months.



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I had a hanna one, its was crap. If ya want it pm me. :blink:


I then brought a Eutech and its bloody good, its probably the best on the market bar none. but is about $120-00.

The probe is replaceable too.


Ebay I would look at - http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...ssPageName=WDVW


But if ya want a good one check this out- http://www.enviroequip.com/sales/eutech_pocket_testers.htm


Accuracy +/- 0.2pH +/- 0.1pH

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Milwilkie is another very good PH tester. I was going to buy one of them but ended up with the eutech off the internet.


ALL ph tester require calibration. just the crappy ones need to be done more often.

My one actually self calibrates but it still needs to be checked.

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Hi Amnesiac

They self calibrate, like ferengis, but you should always test your meters, regardless of their guarantee or calibration facility - when they die, you sometimes dont know about it. I had a hanna meter that cost me 3 months and the resulting produce was bitter and not too nice to smoke. Probably could have detected it if I checked the calibration every fortnight..


But they're a good meter. Just be aware that they *will* die, so its sometimes a good idea to buy a 2nd electrode when you get the ph meter, just in case.




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