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LED Light Design and Build Diary

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Hi Guys,


Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I’ll give it a go and see what happens.


I am relatively new to growing and have been running an HLG QB288 V2 board in my 60 x 60cm tent with some success. I’ve now decided to upgrade my tent size, so I’m in need of more light power. Instead of buying a new light, I’m going to make a project out of it and build my own.


I’m aiming for 300W of power (supplied to the LEDs) with a base of 3000k white and peaks at 450nm blue and 650nm red. Also, I’d like the light fixture to be modular, meaning that I can easily arrange them together for larger grow areas.


So far I have put together a mechanical design of the light fixture and have ordered some parts for three lights (minimum order quantities mean three makes dollars sense). Images are attached. 


My next job is to choose the LEDs I'm going to use and design a PCB.


Any feedback would be great. 




Toby :crazyrocker:








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Looks cool mate. What diodes are you going to use.


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Thanks mate. I have been looking at all the major brands (Samsung, Osram, etc.) but at the moment I think I will go Cree XLamp XP-G3 diodes. They have the right specs and are pretty easily available through Digikey and other reputable online electronics suppliers. I'm open to suggestions though!

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Cree XLamp XP-G3 diodes 3000k ?


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Yes, 3000k plus some blues around 450nm and reds around 650nm. I like the idea of having the blue and red spikes with an option to turn them on and off to inspect the grow without needing glasses to filter out the purple looking light. This might be a bit too much for a first design though.

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