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Good morning my fellow growers from all around oz and the world,


I got a very nice sized sativa dom on the grow, im having a feeling that im close to harvest, my trics are cloudy mixed with clear, my pistils are getting browner. my first grow so im finding it hard to make a judgement call. and i might have a problem with mold/rot, my best guesses are my greenhouse humidity, and the cold snap im having around me. i have cut some holes into the greenhouse, hopefully helps. she started pre sex flowers mid feb, i am not sure when to start the timeline for flowering for her, my best guess would be shes close to 12wks.  Any advice would be awesome.

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im aiming for a mixture of cloudy and amber, as i like the buzz with the chill, i'm always on the go haha, pretty busy life. im feeling pretty happy with the so far result with my first proper grow. Unknown strain of sativa, i would love to know tho. she has a sweet citrus smell, the smell isnt as intense like i thought which is a high plus. im thinking 1 more week 2 at most until the chop, last feed was last week, water only since then.


i learnt a lot with this grow, and my next grow will be highly prepared for, thinking indoors for piece of mind and that experience.

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