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To DWC, or not to DWC...

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Hi all,


I've been looking all over the net for a reliable answer to this dilemma, so feel free to add to my confusion ;)


My set up...


- 0.7 x 0.7 x 1.6m tent in a cool to cold garage (outdoor temps)

- 300W LED Mars Hydro white series (yeah could do better but it IS finishing an old potted outdoor lady quite nicely right now... plus inexpensive to buy and run)

- 80W tube heater

- IonMax 681 Dehumidifier (great little unit but has no auto-on for timers, etc.)

- Small circulation fan blowing over canopy

- Passive intake with a small fan hanging on frame gently pushing tent air through an outlet

- Single plant (or two very small plants) setup



So far it's easy to maintain temps in the 20s overnight with the heater on a thermostat, whatever the outside temperature (down to 6C so far). The heater, LED and dehuey all give about 4-6C each with light tent ventilation.


The issue...


I have a 15L Nutrifield DWC bucket I've been playing around with but because it's a small bucket in a small tent, the water temps gradually increase through lights on to equalise with tent temperature (23-25C). I'm keen to get serious with the DWC but I'm worried it won't be worth it because of the oxygen depletion in water temps above 20C and increased risk of root rot. That assessment seems to be the broad consensus on the net.


I'm not buying a chiller, nor am I keen on rigging up some big external plumbing/cooling system or getting a 50L reservoir, frozen bottles, etc, but are these my only real options? Or could I grow with a max. tent temp of say 23C and be fine with max. 23C bucket water? Or would a second air stone help with oxygen levels?


Thanks in advance for your ideas.

(Disclaimer: I'm a well-read indoor grow noob).


Also, just received a Seedsman order from the UK to Australia in 7 working days. Bloody impressive. It's my first seed order so I'm a very happy (and relieved) chappy.


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I agree with wifi , 23 is ok, 25 not so much, but keep your air levels as high as possible. Also hydroguard is good for stopping root rot due to higher water temps in dwc. Youd prob get away with using a small aquarium chiller in a single pot system to.... $100 or so off ebay [emoji4]


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Thanks Dr. $100 bucks hey? That might be do-able. I was under the impression chillers were much more than that. I'll have a look, or just have a go with 23C and will get some hydroguard or similar.

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Too easy buddy. And what the Dr said is all spot on.

Good luck man and congrats on the seeds. What ya score??


I'm giving autos a crack. The pros of autos outweigh the cons for my current situation.


3 x FastBuds girl scout cookies (+ 4 freebies!)

3 x Fastbuds Grapefruit matic (+2 freebies)

3 x Dutch Passion Euforia

3 x Seedsman Kush Auto (free)


So many seeds. Could keep me growing for years. I really want a bigger tent now lol.


Average $7.80 per seed including stealth delivery. Can't do much better than that.

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Good on ya mate - hey I can see the benefits of an auto for sure.

Good shit. They sound like they will be bloody tasty.

I reckon give your plants a shot at 23 - remember the first few weeks are the most important with autos as they are basically on a timer switch, so in essence its your job to make the healthiest and best start so when she auto flowers you won't just get a bud on a stick sort of thing.

Sounds great and good work on seedsman Hey, not bad at all...

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