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SE QLD outdoors

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G'day guys, 

got a bunch of free seeds i want to try outdoors. haven't grown outdoors before and i heard that spring is the best time to start and that around this time is almost not worth doing. just want everyones opinion on the matter. i have them germinating now and not to sure on what time during the year they would start to flower? obviously when the days are shorter (winter) but is there a month specifically when she would start to flower and would it be worth doing?
thanks in advance!! happy growin! 

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If possible I would grow them up a few weeks indoors prior to planting outside.


Nutrients won’t be so important outdoors I am only giving a bit of Seasol or powered once a week to mine atm. Check my grow I mixed up worm castings and potting mix, seems to work fine. I ended up keeping mine in pots in case I need to move them :). Good luck and start up a grow diary with pics.

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yeah thats what I'm thinking but don't have a lot of room to veg a few weeks inside :/ 
okay sweet, yeah i'll check out your grow now :)!! 
i want to chuck up a journal but I'm a bit cautious with the whole internet thing haha, this was my first post because i was sick of so much reading and so many different opinions about the matter. 

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thanks kloud9! iv grown a few autos before and wanted to do photoperiod but didn't want the hassle of it taking forever indoors, gunna grow them indoors for first 3-5 weeks then chuck them outside :)
how do i go about nutes/fert because I'm a bit confused seeing ill be digging a hole and the soil will be high in nitrogen from veg, do i just flush out the pot a lot for a week before flower? i haven't used soil before and know its a bit difficult to remove fert/nutes

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