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Bolivian Torch Pup

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Hey guys.


Last year my mate gave me a Bolivian Torch cactus pup to take care of. 


This was in about Autumn last year. It was about 6 inches tall.


I left it in a dark, well ventilated space for a while, until it was calloused at the point it connected to the mother cacti.


I then put it in a small pot and left it inside until summer (should have taken it outside in spring!)


After a month it'd grown a bit and I gently wobbled it to test the roots. They were firm.



Here is a pic circling the markings showing from where the new growth has grown.


As you can see the pot is very small.


I recently decided to fertilise it with some of Seasol's Powerfeed.


It's exploded and grown more in 1 week than it did in a month prior.


Then decided it was about time I repotted her. So picked up some Canna Terra Professional composted super soil, Coconut Coir and Perlite. Mixed 2-1-1 respectively.



Here is a pic showing the same cactus above in a nice new big pot and planted standing straight up this time.




Thanks for reading guys.




Edit: I'm also growing some medicine: https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/topic/79387-first-grow-tent-cfl-and-ebay-led-ufo/

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