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First grow, tent, CFL and ebay LED UFO

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Hey guys!


A mate of mine handed me an interesting plant and said "grow this".


Things have snowballed since then. I now have a 60x60x160 tent with a cheap and nasty ebay LED UFO and 4 CFL's around for supplemental lighting. I have a 200mm bathroom exhaust fan extracting warm air. Passive intake for now.


Watering her every 2-3 days. Treated her with seasol's Powerfeed till the start of flowering (1ml/L every second watering). I've began treating her with 1ml/L Pro-PK and 2.5ml/L Canna Terra Flores (every second watering) for bud production. I have tested the soil pH (now that it's 12-12) before watering and after. Seems to stick around 5.5 - 7 which is ideal. She's at the end of week 1 of flower (so only done the PK and flores once so far).


The plant came from bag seed and it's my first grow so I'm not too fussed if it all turns pear shaped, however I have done everything in my power to get the highest yield. I have topped twice during veg and last night I defoliated and lollipoped.



When I repotted I used some loose uncovered soil that someone had left lying around. THIS WAS BAD. There was thrip eggs in the soil. They are going nuts in my soil but very few flying around and eating my leaves. I'm mostly concerned about the larvae eating my roots. However the plant was well established before I introduced the thrips so I'm hoping for the best.


I treated my soil with SCARID 10 once and the next day the bugs were still there. I may not have done this correctly.


I've read here that people argue against using Yates Tomato & Vegetable DUST, I've researched the active constituents:

400g/kg SULFUR as elemental sulfur
40g/kg COPPER as copper oxychloride



I haven't found any conclusive reason not to use it. So tonight I'm going to apply the powder to the surface of my soil and again in following days.


Thanks for reading my friends! I'm very keen to be part of the community. Thanks for having me :)


Will add pics.





P.S. I'm also growing a Bolivian Torch cactus. Pic attached.





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Hey Tunkers, how's it going man?


My Tomato Dust Treatment has been performed.

Watered her with half usual water as I watered yesterday with ferts.  Applied a liberal amount of powder to the surface of the plant. Misted the soil to dissolve as much powder without causing too much to soak deep in.


Pic attached. Will report how it goes.


I'll go have a gander at the available LED lighting in whatever section that's under for a quote on the size of my tent especially its height. 1.6m is reasonably tall. Ultimately I need something that utilises all that height ie powerful enough to penetrate as much of the canopy as possible.


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She's coming along my friends. A mate lent me a 300W LED that's definitely larger and more powerful than the UFO I was using. The UFO is now hanging over some new seedlings of Lemon Kush.


Attached are pictures of the flowers that are finally developing. No scent yet though but it looks promising!




I'll take another snap tonight of the whole plant when the lights come on so you guys can see how far it's come. The stretch has been real.

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Here's another update with yet another close up of a single cola:




but this time with an overall shot of the whole plant as well.




I haven't defoliated since I started her into flower.


If anyone has some input in regards to whether I should do it again I can say that as of today it's now a month into flower and she's still in the flowering stretch but it's definitely slowed down.





Edit: I forgot to add that I borrowed a 300W Mars Hydro LED light from the same mate you gave me the plant in the first place. I've got it pretty low to promote growth in the centre of my plant whilst the supplemental CFL's are somewhat working on all the outer colas. I'm well aware that it's not ideal but soon, very soon I'll have my DIY custom made LED strips installed. Maybe 2 weeks or so.

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Could you post pictures of when it's ready to be cut, dried would like to see the result of the mars 300watt led cheers mate


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Sure thing, I'll definitely be keeping this updated for you. She's a day over 4 weeks since the start of flower so maybe another 4-5 weeks and she'll be ready for harvest.  I'll wait for roughly 50% brown hairs.

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