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Should I worry about waste water having very high PPM?

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Hi hello .. I'm into week 5 of the bloom cycle using Cyco nutes (Bloom A & B, Zyme & Swell).  Hydro, run to waste in coco coir and perlite mix (1:3 ratio) .. using 2 x 600W HPS Cultiv8 digital ballast, heaps of airflow .. air conditioned room, SCROG .. top of canopy usually between 27-30 degrees with around 70% humidity.  Have 4 plants, 3 strains (next time will be sticking to just one strain!).  The plants all look very healthy with buds everywhere .. but the waste water coming from the Blueberry plant is giving really high PPM readings, between 3.50 and 5.60 .. which seems really odd to me considering only 2.10 PPM nutes are going in.  The plants are all flushed weekly with PH adjusted water.  Should I be concerned about the Blueberry's plant's waste water high PPM reading?  Have I goofed?  This is only my second grow and I can't find anything on the web to explain what's going on .. I thought maybe algae, but can't see any and am using black water hoses and black plant 'socks'.  Can anyone offer and advice?

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Ppm I don't read I use EC but if it's higher than what your putting in give it a flush at a lower ppm till it's adjusted itself .


Prob would do better with a ph water flush then back to normal ppm ,



I just got two Cultiv8 ballasts .only using one at the moment and fuck is it hot. Bloke at the shop said he's heard of it happening before so he said he'll take it back . Is your ballast hot to the touch ?

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Hi Serrated edge .. I have flushed .. and flushed with PH adjusted water.  After each flush it starts out ok, then jumps straight back up.  It's a mystery to me .. must be algae in my system somewhere.  But anyway, I'll flush it again.  And yes, my cultiv8 ballasts run warmish.  I have them sitting on bricks outside the tent.  I haven't heard of them burning houses down though .. bit odd since circuit breaker should trip if it faults.

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Maybe I wasn't allowing enough runoff for the berry .. it's the biggest plant.  Will take your advice and give a good flush tomorrow morning and reduce her nutes by 30%.  Thanks Serrated Edge .. it's good to have someone to 'bounce' off as I'm new to this and am still learning stuff .. thank goodness they are tough plants!   This grow will be better than my first attempt, but still got my training wheels on and get nervous, so appreciate your advice.

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