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Help! Can anyone tell what’s going on by these pictures

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I hope I am wrong but that looks very much like what I am currently battling indoors https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/topic/78728-broad-mites-anyone/ to me. You need a 50X or 100X pocket microscope to see the little fuckers under the damaged leaves but the leaf mosaic pattern and 3D curling together with wierd damaged new growth makes me very suspicious. Google is your friend, as is https://bugsforbugs.com.au/product/californicus/ if you have them unless you want to nuke your plants with avid.

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They were just some seeds from last year that I just planted as back up while waiting for my main intended seeds to arrive. I planted over 6 weeks ago just in old dirt from last year, not wanting to use my main soil that I prepared for the undelivered seeds at the time. Anyway the plants have been in a greenhouse up until a week ago when I put them outside perminatly as I thought the weather was warm enough and they had started to out grow the greenhouse in height as it’s only a small one with shelves with other seedlings growing. I did have what I thought were Aphids eating my leaves a couple of weeks ago but fixed the problem with some ‘Yates Nature’s way natrasoap pest spray’ but now this has happened. I know the soil isn’t the best and I do think water isn’t draining as I hope but sort of just wanted to kept these 2 plants growing now.
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I would chuck that plant out just my opion, I reckon u have poisoned it with the galvanised rod going down into the pot this is why shops like bunnings sell plastic, wooden and bambo stakes mate


that galvanised shit reacting with your fertalizer or nutrients the salts will be corroding the zinc than your plant is uptaking it by the roots :(

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