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Buying setup from ebay

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Depends on your level of anxiety about LE trawling through hydro vendor records to harvest addresses for busts.


I'm usually very careful but thinking about how much time and effort this would cost LE, I decided to just go for it. I may be at risk but I am reasonably confident that LE don't have the skills or the time - they have better things to do than go after someone who bought gear like tent, filter, nutes and fan - all from different vendors. Those things all have legal uses too.


Are LE likely to harvest Bunnings records of coco coir brick purchases to bust me? Probably not and eGay would be even more challenging in terms of the vast data volume they'd have to trawl through.


If you care, you can always wear sunglasses and use cash at your local hydro store. Even then they could get on the phone to Constable Plod - but FFS, why would they bother?

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just order off ebay i say.

but just buy a few little bits n pieces here n there like your replacing something thats been in use for a long time.

that is if you are paranoid.

you cant get more paranoid than that coz you are allowed to buy whatever you want off ebay in the lighting and growing fields.

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Agree. Spread the purchases out if youre paraniod. Purchase a few useless random things from other vendors too so if it ever did come to LE knocking on your door you can tell them its a joint account that others use also.


Another tip for the paranoid, purchase interstate. Unless youre Mr Big, warrents across stae lines tie up way too much paperwork and man power to bother going after someone whos bought hydro gear on ebay!

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We bought a LED kit off eBay . The only thing we haven't replaced is the tent . Do some research and skip those packs . They're rubbish . It's the worst of the worst all out together in one package . I wish I'd joined OS before making the purchase . We've had to re buy pots, nutes, fan, carbon filter , exhaust , light , etc .. the only original piece we have left is the tent and when we installed the 6" hyperfan it looked like it was about to collapse .
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From what i have gathered Ozstoner member(s) have suspected of being busted for ordering from ebay, one was from that shop in Wollongong NSW who at the time only done ebay orders and didn't allow pick up's i too ordered heaps of shit from these same people and nothing happen tho i ordered a lot of other gear from multipal ebay shops around the same time


i had all my gear delivered to another address to my grow address, now i ask close friends to order my gear and i give them something from the harvest, if leo goes knocking on there door it buys me enough time to pack up and hide my shit before they come knocking on my door

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tent: jungle room 1.5x1.5 ventilation extractor 6” centrifugal,

light: HID 600w, digital ballast

use a cool air reflector,

fan for the interior, clips fan are bad quality, better a tower fan

noise reduction ducting

humidifier high capacity

no need for inlet fan

digital timer heavy duty

yoyos or roaches to hang the reflector

carbon filter 6inches

heavy duty power board with individual switches


haylite is a good ebayseller, the packets that you may find come with crappy tents, it will be hard to find all together on one spot, but look around and decide


my two cents, good luck, keep it simple, keep it traditional and you may save some bucks, me, I wasted my money with led lights and just crap from ebay sellers that didn’t worked, good luck, hope it help. I wish I would have more time to contribute to the OS community.



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