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Is this nute burn?

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This must be toughest plant ever. She's moved on from my original problem in this thread. All I did was pretty much... nothing. I only gave properly ph'd water (only 2 feeds to try and flush my mistakes) until a week or so of intermittent rain. Then a cyclone (100km from eye so lots of wind for about 5 days... although somewhat sheltered).

Then the follow up rain(shitloads).


Sun has been out for a solid 3 days now but the soil is still WET.

And she lives! :)


I had a couple of little flowers get mould problems so i cut and discarded them. Now I need advice on a lot of pistols going brown. Should I harvest what I can now or leave and see how she goes?


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the hairs will go brown, its normal, dont worry, should get some fresh white ones soon, and brown again. keep an eye on the moisture and I reckon you'll do AOK.

Thank Harry. Good to know. I will hold off. Just wondering though... is there a rule of thumb on how many times they can brown off then resprout? I just heard there is high potential for another low to develop in the Coral Sea late this week [emoji20]
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