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Is this nute burn?

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Need help guys. First grow for me: outdoors, planted in the ground. She's been in flower for 2 weeks. Only ferts I'd been using were blood and bone and sulphate of potash with the occasional hit of Seasol. Once it started to flower I gave it a hit of Seasol and Powerfeed (maybe too much?).


Next day I got this...



The photo is strongest example but all tips are showing the same signs.


Thoughts and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks Edge and Harry. I think you cpuld be right about the iron deficiency. Like I said I'm only a new grower... and I never tested the ph of my tap water or soil before. I just figured we live in paradise so all would be good.

Trip to Bunnings this morning and so I've found water ph is up over 8 and soil is a low 5!

I'm thinking they had been balancing each other out somewhat until I really rocked the boat with that batch of over-fert.

Will only give ph'd water until things get back on track.

Just hope I haven't fucked up too bad at this crucial time.

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Ive seen rot rot from over watering do this too . How often do you water? and what type of soil ? and was the ground clay based ?

Also do you use tank water , if yes when was the last time it was cleaned out tank and gutters ?

No tank water. Read below about my naivety on ph and water. I'm in nth qld and it's been VERY hot and humid for months so I have watered fairly often. I don't think it's overwatering though as I only water if I drive my finger in and it comes out clean (have lost plants to overwatering before).

I'm on the side of a steep hill so maybe there may be water running downhill deeper that I don't know about. Anyway, thanks for your input.

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