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My fellow horticulturalists,


Has anyone tried propagating plants using leaf cuttings? And has there been any success? I am currently doing two experiments:


1) with a tiny leaf with a small piece of stem attached, dipped in clonex purple and set in sphagnum moss in a cup under plastic wrap. After a week the leaf is still green, but no signs of growth. Female parent plant, basically Colombian Gold two month old plant.


2) is a fan leaf with seven segments and leaf petiole attached. No stem tissue.  I dipped the base of the petiole in clonex purple and set in sphagnum moss with no cover on an inside window sill. Only done today so no progress to report. Male parent plant, basically Colombian Gold two month old plant.


I'm using the male plant for propagation experiments and for decorative foliage inside the house, as I don't want to strip anything significant off my female plant.


I've done this sort of thing many times before with other plant species, often with good results. This is my first time with hooch.


I'm located in Melbourne. This is my first time, so please be gentle.

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