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Taking clones from clones... opinions please.

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Hi eveyone, I have been trying to answer these questions for a while now....


Will my plants eventually deteriorate because I take one clone from another, rather than maintaining a mother?


And if so, how many generations of plants do you think can be produced? 


What sort of changes do you think I will see?


Interested in opinions, experiences, anecdotes....


lou :gardening:

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As long as the mom is healthy and vital so will be the clone , and she will make a good new mom ,


Did it many times and saw no deterioration in strength or yield ,,


Some say there is deterioration,,could be in certain situations ,,,,I never saw it.


But a sickly clone given the chance to become healthy again will become a good mom too,,,the same genes will grow good if healthy or grow poorly if sickly.

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From all I have read it seems that the general consensus is that they lose a little something. Seems hard to pin down, just a tiny bit all over.

If true it doesn't seem much in any case.


I have taken clones of clones of tomato plants and didn't notice a difference.


I was listening to the pot cast with DJ Short recently and he reckoned his original stuff is as good as day 1.


Heard Adam Dunn speak about all the grandmom's he had.


Kevin Jodry reckons some sunlight is key to healthy mom's too.


The Chemdog guys mentioned that Chem has maybe lost a touch of boom.


Reckon a good experienced grower wouldn't have a problem.

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imo i would say more to do with lack of sun & soil biology than a strain getting long in the tooth 

cuts from cuts been going on for years in the fruit tree biz 


wonderland nursery , large clone provider in the states takes all mums as standard protocol back outdoor after 12mths of being a indoor mum 

a new clone is taken outdoors & moved indoor for the next 12mths & round they go again 


also taking clones from an unhealthy mum won't be doing any fav's for the longevity of the cut 

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Thanks Serrated. How many generations were you creating per year?


Had a pheno of Shiva Shanti for thirteen years,,,stinky and as strong as the day I got it,,,,changed moms every three or six months ...maybe a couple for a bit longer,,and prob many at three months,,always kept the moms under fluros.,,,they never saw sunlight ,,,could have had one or two briefly under 400 w sontagros ,,possibly ,,


Be a safe guess to say about 2 &1/2 generations a year

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Hello again Louise, I'm surprised to read your question!... weren't we discussing this a long time ago? Good question though  :good:

My opinion, and it's just what I've seen regardless of what I've read, is that I've not seen a noticeable drop in desirable traits in plants I've kept either as mother plants or continually cloned, for 3-4 years. Or even outdoor/indoor plants that have been revegged from the edge of death, they recover and off they go again with clones taken and passed on.

The biggest risk I think with keeping a mother/s is the persons lifestyle = you really need to have your shit sorted if you're wanting to keep a mother for the long run, 5 + years, and even then the wheels can fall off without prior warning.

After owning all the classics at one stage or another, Super Silver Haze, LUI, C99, Skunk No 1 etc etc... they're all gone. It wasn't until I'd lost treasured genetics on numerous occasions that I started seriously making seed.

Clones are great, they are quick and easy and hell it's just so much fun taking them and watching them grow but I still think that making at least one batch of seed makes good sense too. The mothers are long gone but there are thousands of seeds sitting in the freezer.

Hope that's not ended too far off track.

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