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Why are my leaves curling?


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Hey, first time posting. (Sorry if this is in the wrong place)

Bit of background info.

I have 8 outdoor plants, started to pop out of the soil on the 9th October, they seem to be growing slower than last years plant, might be because the seeds are 2 years old baggies, they started curling a little so I put them under a tree with shade and they are still curling, I thought it might of been the heat, some of the tops of them got so bad I just topped them.I'm giving them rain water, they're in some potty mix with a 5 food organic soil I could find the name of it tomorrow. I live nsw and it's been around 30 - 40 degres

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I don't know,

but they're in small pots , it might help to plant them or put them into larger pots so they don't dry out and fry your roots.

That was my theory :)


Also i had 2 or 3 plants look like cousin it this year if u can imagine all leaf stems bowed down they really did look cousin it like, anya, they did it once then again about a month later, i put it down to heat until i saw my 6 year odl daughter soaking them with Pyretheum spray, fuck i was confused at the beginning, i put it down to roots getting too hot also lol

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